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Feedback Profile of Danno1965

  1. One of the odt’s Best. Always a pleasure

    • Buyer
    • howie (448)
    • Apr 6, 2019
  2. Very easy going gentleman. A++

  3. Great deal from the best ODT'R I've dealt with. Always a pleasure my friend.

  4. Had another great meet and transaction with my always reliable buddy Danno.

  5. Buy with confidence.

  6. Super nice guy. Great to work with. A plus !!

  7. Great guy to deal with and I hope I can again. Above and beyond with great communication every step of the way. Item was even nicer than advertised, pro ODT'er here.

    • Buyer
    • Mk1a (99)
    • Aug 5, 2018
  8. Fantastic trader and just a really solid guy. Glad I got a chance to deal with him A++++

  9. Great price, Great taste in Guns , Great Communication and Local. Hope to see again

  10. Super Nice Guy, On Time, Easy Deal. Great ODTer.

  11. Outstanding gentleman. Item was precisely as advertised and communication was excellent. In my opinion, one of the best individuals on ODT.

  12. There is no way you can go wrong with this gentleman!

  13. An awesome guy, close to home, very friendly, and will be doing some trading with him in the future!

  14. Another great deal from the best ODT'R. You can't go wrong here!

  15. Smooth and easy transaction

  16. A++++ Guy, Great Communication, Deal With Confidence!

  17. A+ trader! deal with confidence! excellent communication!

    • Seller
    • One L (25)
    • Jun 29, 2018
  18. Danno is one of the best!! Not only a great trader but a friend . A+++++

  19. Grade A

  20. One of the Great ODT’ers right here! Thanks Brother!

  1. Always a pleasure to meet up with Howie. He is top notch and an absolute asset to the ODT. GREAT GUY. I highly recommended

    • Buyer
    • howie (448)
    • Apr 7, 2019
  2. Great guy to talk with. A++ trader. I highly recommend!

  3. Always a pleasure dealing with Stu. He is a great ODT’er. One of many on here that I would consider a friend.

  4. As Alaways, a superior ODT’er. You can’t go to wrong with this guy. He is a friend and so easy to deal with. Deal with confidence!

  5. A++++ trader. Very nice guy, easy to deal with. Highly recommend.

  6. Great Trader! Easy and quick trade. Drove out of his way to make the deal. A+++ . Deal with confidence.

  7. Awesome guy. Very understanding when I was running late. Drove out of the way to make the deal. Great ODT’er. A+++. Deal with confidence.

    • Buyer
    • Mk1a (99)
    • Aug 5, 2018
  8. A+++ trader. He is a true man of his word. I highly recommend and would definitely do business with again.

  9. A+++ trader. Always nice to find another local trader of his caliber. Highly recommend!

  10. A++++ Trader. Great guy, very funny. Easy to talk to. Great communication. I highly recommend him!

  11. A+++ trader. You couldn’t ask for a finer individual. Extremely easy to talk with and great communication. I highly recommend!

  12. This is one of my absolute favorite gentleman to deal with on here. You just can’t go wrong. Super nice guy and great communication.

  13. A++++ Trader. Very easy to talk to and great communication. Super easy deal. I highly recommend!

  14. I always look froward to getting together with this ODTer. One of the absolute best guys to deal with. A+++++ trader.

  15. A++++ trader. Can’t go wrong here. Deal with confidence. Always seems to have something that peaks my interest

  16. A+++ trader, deal with confidence. Always a pleasure dealing with Jimmyjac.

  17. A+++ trader, great communication and travelled a bit to meet me. Recommend highly.

    • Seller
    • One L (25)
    • Jun 29, 2018
  18. It always a pleasure to deal with this trader. Hard to beat Nitrexman. Looking forward to our next deal!

  19. A++++ Trader. Do not hesitate to deal with this trader. Super nice guy and he did me right! I highly recommend

  20. Quick and easy transaction. Great guy to talk to. Highly recommend. A+++