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Feedback Profile of Hayata

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  2. Awesome ODTer; A+++++++++++++++++++

  3. Always a pleasure

  4. Super guy to deal with! Thanks again!

  5. Thank you Tommy for the purchase!

  6. Always a Great ODT'er and a Awesome person A+++++

  7. Great guy here fellas. Thanks for yet another great deal. Now go make MORE money. A+ ODTer.

    • Trader
    • geezer (352)
    • Aug 8, 2018
  8. This guy is going to buy all my Stuff, Great guy and easy to deal with as always A++++

  9. Another clean transaction!

    • Seller
    • BLIP (280)
    • May 28, 2018
  10. super easy guy to do business with. You need to buy some of his soap!

    • Seller
    • BLIP (280)
    • May 19, 2018
  11. 'cause, ya know, well, MY DAUGHTER digs da soap! Thanks

  12. A true gentleman,very accurate description,highly satisfied and look foward to further dealings!AAAAA+++++

  13. Great trader!

  14. Great guy and very accommodating.

    • Buyer
    • tdi_g (40)
    • Dec 14, 2017
  15. Awesome ODT'er!! A++++ Great to deal with!

  16. More soap to make the wife happy

  17. The King of Bling! Top of the line member and proud to call him a friend!

  18. Curly's Miracle Polishing Cloths run a distant second to Hayata's Pimp Soap . . . . . one day my friend, one day . . . . . . A++++

  19. The great soap pimp strikes again! ODT Royalty! Trade with confidence! WOOT WOOT!

  20. A real asset to this forum ! A+ trader .. Hope we have more dealings :0)

  21. Great guy to deal with and great communication. A+++

  22. Love that shaving soap, thx man!

  23. A good guy and a asset to ODT.

  24. It was a dirty situation until the soap was brought out....lol

  25. Great guy to deal with and Great ODT'er This guy is what the ODT is all about A++++++

    • Seller
    • will4me (232)
    • Aug 12, 2017
  26. For as many of my friends and family that the soap pimp's soap has made happy, I figured I had better finally leave some feedback. Thanks!

  27. Great Guy!

  28. Great comminucation and super fast shipping. Great seller to deal with. A+++

  29. Yet another great deal with tha SOAP PIMP! Thanks Hayata. Great ODT-er

    • Trader
    • geezer (352)
    • Jul 22, 2017
  30. Smooth deal

  31. Always a pleasure! Thanks man

  32. Fast, easy, no BS transaction. Definitely big pimpin

  33. Great guy to deal with!!!!!!

  34. Thanks again for the great soap! Da chicks dig it!

    • Buyer
    • MRH (153)
    • May 20, 2017
  35. A+A+A+A+ The Soap Pimp strikes again! Great guy, Super products, flawless transaction (from the Mrs.) We will gladly be doing business with them again.

  36. Excellent guy easy to communicate with hope to deal with again

  37. Simply the best!

  38. All-around awesome dude. Highly recommended!

  39. Great comminucation and super fast shipping. Great seller to deal with. A+++

  40. Excellent fellow A+++++

    • Seller
    • Bryan (111)
    • Dec 11, 2016
  41. As always, a pleasure to do business.. A++ Asset to ODT :)

  42. One of the very best traders anywhere!

    • Seller
    • Shemp (376)
    • Nov 20, 2016
  43. More great smelling soaps from 'da Soap Pimp...thanks Tommy

  44. I've bought a few bars of soap from the Soap Pimp, and never left feedback. I'm changing that now. Awesome soap, awesome Pimp. A+ ODT-er.

    • Trader
    • geezer (352)
    • Aug 30, 2016
  45. Good guy to deal with.

  46. Thanks for the soap. My daughter loves it. Good to see you again today.

  47. Great communication, on time, trustworthy,

  48. I love this guy. Thanks for the trade, my friend. A+++++

  49. Great guy to deal with. My wife loves the soap!

  50. Hell of a guy! Hell of a hat too! Lol

  51. A++++ trader. This is da pimp here lol.

  1. I hope your wife enjoys the soaps!

  2. Thanks for the cool OTF knife!

  3. Thanks for the buckshot! You should hang out more often!

  4. You won't find a better ODT'er!

  5. Great t-shirts and fast shipping! Great job B!

  6. Bama-lama shing dong boom. One of the best ODT'ers in the room!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. One of the best members on ODT!

  9. Another one who's going to make me broke...A+

    • Seller
    • geezer (352)
    • Aug 4, 2018
  10. This guy is going to make me broke! A+

  11. A+ Trader

    • Seller
    • BLIP (280)
    • May 28, 2018
  12. Great looking 1911 stocks! Can't wait to put them on and show them off!

    • Seller
    • BLIP (280)
    • May 19, 2018
  13. Glad your daughter love the soap!

  14. Great guy here folks. Man of his word! Deal with confidence!

  15. Thanks for being flexible with the soap order!

    • Buyer
    • tdi_g (40)
    • Dec 14, 2017
  16. Thanks for the soap purchase!

  17. Thanks for picking up the soap today!

  18. 15 minutes early to the meet. Perfect! Thanks Andrew25. A+ member - deal with confidence!

  19. Honestly, you can't get better than DD!

  20. One of the finest members on ODT - thanks for the Miracle Cloths Mike!