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Feedback Profile of OttoMan

  1. Good guy. Deal w/confidense. A+

  2. Good communication and willing to meet halfway. Highly recommend

  3. This was the best meet yet on ODT & one of the best members here on ODT. Hope to meet again soon.

  4. Great guy to deal with here! A+++

  5. Great fella to deal with. One of the best members so far!!

  6. Great Brother in Christ & A+++ ODT Member

  7. Good Smooth Transaction. Good Communication prior to trade. Deal with confidence

  8. Great gentleman! It was a pleasure meeting him. I am very appreciative for the transaction.

  9. Fine ODT member, excellent communication!! Thank you. A+

  10. Very nice guy and easy to work with

  11. Great trader, very informative!

  12. A++ smooth transaction and great guy

  13. Fantastic exchange

  14. Awesome Trader, does what he says!!

  15. Awesome guy!!!!

  16. Fantastic guy, great communication and a pleasure doing business with absolutely would not hesitate again A+ on the ODT chart!

    • Seller
    • BLIP (321)
    • Dec 9, 2019
  17. Excellent buyer, and genuinely enjoyed meeting him..A++

  18. Great trader, a pleasure to deal with, deal with complete confidence, one of ODT's very best.A+++++

  19. AAA+ Dude... Just as he said, we had the deal.. Great ODT Brother!

  20. A+++ ODTer! On time and polite! Buy/Trade/Trade with confidence!!

  1. Just a wonderful Man, with such knowledge in everything. You won't regret visiting him and dealing with him! AAA+++

  2. What a Great Man to deal with... Our deal was one of the most smooth and no hassles. Really a great Brother!! See my extended comment..

  3. BillyBob270 Is just an Amazing Guy! Great ODT'er... You won't regret dealing with such a Great Man! See my extended comment...

  4. Another great Brother here at ODT... You Can deal with confidence... Man of His Words...AAA++++

  5. Seriously, I've been so blessed in dealing with GREAT and amazing folks such as our Brother here. Read my extended comment.

  6. Always a Great Day when you meet your brother from another Mother. A+++ (Read My Extended Comment..)

  7. Humble, Honest and very reliable. Deal with confidence. (Read My extended comments..)

    • Seller
    • clg76c (189)
    • Dec 23, 2019
  8. Veterans Guys are my People. Thank you Sir for your Services. One of great ODTer right here. We had such Great transaction. A++

  9. A very humble, authentic, reliable and trustworthy ODT Brother. Read my extended comment.. AAA+++

  10. John was right at the spot... I appreciate the grate deal Sir... You're great Man!

  11. This was a fun deal... We didn't even get out of our cars... :) - Great Man... Our Second deal..

  12. Meeting with JPender was one of my greats deal, both because of the firearm, but also because of the great Guy he is! AAA+++

  13. Dealing with great and responsible young Men like Blackwed99, it is a blessing. (See my extended comments...)

  14. Our transaction was one of the most smooth and no hassles. Really a great man to deal with.

  15. Great guy... A Very Trustworthy Man... - Great addition to the ODT. Welcome a board Sir!!

  16. Our transaction was one of the most smooth and no hassles. Really a great man to deal with. A++

  17. I have met so many wonderful Brothers here thru ODT. This man is an ICON for this trading place. See my extended review...

    • Seller
    • BLIP (321)
    • Dec 9, 2019
  18. What an amazing ODTer... He drove all the way to meet me closer home. One more asset in my friendship. AAA+++

  19. Jeff is one of great assets for ODT. Right on time, awesome Guy. AAA++++

  20. What an Honor to meet with such a great Brother, Great Man! This is what ODT is all about, we meet with guys that are JUST awesome! - A++++