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  1. Please, Change Your HVAC Filter at The Proper Time...

    4th of July and Jan 1 for me.
  2. North East GA FS M1A mags

  3. First attempt homemade pizza....

    My youngest son doesn't like pineapple, so I try to cook with it often if I'm not looking to share with his bottomless pit.
  4. First attempt homemade pizza....

    There is no pineapple on it.:grey:
  5. Dead Air Nomad L Titanium

    On my Bergara 6.5CM, the Dobbs ARC30 (26oz) grouped better then my Harvester 30 (14oz). They were using Sisco omega with great results before; but I don't have that can.
  6. .45 LC vs .44 mag. Never shot a .45lc, how do they compare???

    The ones I have shot were soft shooting compared to 44mag. Quick check and it is only making about 1/2 the energy of a 44mag.
  7. FS NIB Unfired FN 509 Mid MRD Optic Cut

    Bump for a good guy and a nice gun.
  8. 6.5 Creedmoor

    May be bad shots or bad bullet selections; either will give undesired results. I have a 6.5CM; but I'm not taking a 14# suppressed weapon hunting even with my 143 ELDX ammo. I use a suppressed 7.62x39 AR because I shoot them at typical bow hunting ranges and it is all I need.
  9. FS For sale CANIK TP9 SFX 9mm Target Pistol

    bump for a great shooter. If I didn't already own 2, this would be mine for this price.
  10. Your Opinion on Finish is Valued.

    I like the look on this stock. I wouldn't want a bunch done this way; but it looks good done in moderation.
  11. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Smith and Wesson model 639

    I've got its shiny cousin in the 439.
  12. Scope Brands!

    Biggest surprise for me is the Meopta brand. I have a couple of Vortex and they have served me well in the field. Biggest disappointment was a Weaver Kaspa that I broke 2 of them on my suppressed LR308. Reticles on 2 different ones started rotating in the tube.

    In #2

    In #1
  15. Would y’all shoot this buck?

    Why is he not riding in the back of a pick truck?
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