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Rules & Guidelines

The Rules!


In general, we just ask that you keep it friendly and courteous when you use the site. We try to have as open a set of rules as possible considering the size and scope of our member base. If you don’t take anything here too seriously and treat others with a little bit of respect you could probably stop reading the rules now and be fine. Everyone else, please read on! :D

Please remember that above all else this site is a forum that is meant to be fun and useful. We are not a porn site, we are not a political debate site, we are not a religious site, and we don’t want to spend a lot of time moderating and debating those topics. We have private sections of the site for those who like to debate hot topics, discuss bible verses, etc., but we aren’t going to spend a lot of time making sure everything in there is always 100% “fair,” so please use those forums at your own risk. You can see the list of private forums in your settings under “Join User Groups.”


Many of the rules are very general but you should be able to get the idea of what is ok and what isn’t. Whenever someone does something that a staff member considers a violation of the rules they will send out a simple reminder or a warning. Reminders are just that, they let you know about any rules that you may not have been aware of. For repeat offenders we have warnings that come with points, and if you accumulate enough points the system will start banning your account automatically, with the ban time period increasing as the points get higher. Warning points eventually expire and your number will go down as they do. You can see any active reminders or warnings on your profile page. You may request to have old reminders or minor warnings removed from your account if they are over two years old. Requests can be made in the private help forum.

Discussion Rules

“Dildos, drugs, etc” - In the public forums (any forum you can see without being logged in), we ask that you refrain from posting references to these topics and others like them: dildos, trannies, heavy drug use, midget porn, etc. We don’t necessarily have a problem with any of these topics when they are part of a “real” discussion and not serious conversations, we’re just a little tired of the inevitable midget porn or dildo reference that tends to show up occasionally, we just feel it does more harm by alienating members than it does good.

Harassment/Stalking/Threats - Please keep everything friendly and on the forum, do not try to contact ODT members in other places like their jobs and other forums. If you have a legal issue with someone then contact the police and handle it that way. This also includes sending tons of messages here on the site or following someone around and posting in all their threads.

Personal Attacks - We do not allow personal attacks of any kind. This is stuff like name calling, insinuations of economic status, etc. You’ll get a reminder or a warning and you will be banned from whatever thread you were bickering in. This would include asking if someone is “butt hurt” or posting a waaaaambulance meme to imply that someone is a whiner or crybaby.

Language - Please keep the language at a level that would be acceptable in most public places, as much of our site is exactly that. The private forums have more relaxed rules but they still have limits. We have a censor that will remove common words but not every combination can be accounted for. Please just keep it civil and do not try to bypass the built-in censor we have on the site.

Other Sites/Forums - We allow references to other forums except in rare cases. These include the following:

  • Any content posted with the sole intention to drive traffic elsewhere.
  • Any content posted to “recruit” for other sites/forums.
  • Any content posted to “bash” other sites/forums.

New Members - Please be courteous to new members and give them a break if they screw up a couple times in their first day. If you feel like a new account might be spam or a second account for another user please do not bring it up in the public forums, just report it so the mods can take a look.

Banned Members - We do not allow any comments meant to call attention to a member that is banned. If you have a question as to why someone was banned you can ask in the private help section. If we can share the reason for the ban or length of the ban we will.

Cut & Paste - We do not allow users to cut and paste content from other sites, we ask that you instead post your own summary and then a link to the original content.

Big News Events - Sometimes when a major event occurs there will be many threads covering it. We will allow multiple threads on a topic as long as they are covering different aspects of the event. If multiple threads are created on exactly the same topic then the most active one will be kept and the others will be closed with links to the new main thread.

Racist/Offensive Content - We do not allow racist or offensive content of any form. We’re a gun forum and we have members from all walks of life so just keep it civil. This means no racist jokes anywhere, no racist memes, no “retard” memes, etc. Also includes the veiled comments that you think are slick and technically aren’t against the rules.

Political & Religious Topics - We ask that all topics involving politics and religion be posted in the corresponding private forum. Any political or religious threads posted in the public forums will be moved to the corresponding private forum.

Hot Topics - As long as a topic can stay civil it will be allowed to stay in the public forums.        (Assuming it isn’t political or religious.) If it becomes too much work to keep on topic then it will be moved to the political private forum.

Pictures - Please do not post any lewd, crude, or disgusting pics in the public forums. This would include anything that would make a normal person throw up or get too excited. If it would be considered acceptable in an average workplace then you should be fine. Avatars are subject to the same rules. Included in this are images designed to skirt the rule by looking like something offensive at first glance but not actually being bad after further inspection. “Pretty girls” are allowed as avatars, just a picture of their butt is not.


All items must have some sort of value reference point. This can be a ballpark value, possible trade interest, etc. Just something to serve as a starting point for everyone interested in your item. If your item is listed as "For Sale Only" you must have a price listed. If you do not list a price or trade reference your ad will be moved to the private help forum until a price or value is added. Extreme values used to bypass the value requirement will not be accepted. This would include prices such as $1 or $1,000,000 for something like a standard Glock 17.

Prohibited Items - The following items are prohibited from being sold here: Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, non-commercial reloads, freon or other restricted chemicals, and pornography.

Items may be listed once every 72 hours. Members are allowed to post up to five items per day per category. You may post multiple items in your ad, but once they are bundled together they can’t be listed separately until after the 72 hours requirement has been met.

Items listed by private sellers must be purchasable at the time it is listed. Items may not be listed if they are not considered “in hand.” Items may not be listed if they are already committed to be sold elsewhere, an example would be listing your gun here when it is already committed to be sold on gunbroker.

Auctions are only allowed as fundraisers for charitable causes. Raffles are only allowed if they are conducted by a non profit organization.

Ad titles must have the item name in the title and can’t be misleading in anyway. This would include titles like “Free gun,” but then the ad says you have to buy the holster for $500.

Items must be listed in the section that applies to them, not in a section where the item you’re looking for would be listed. Basically don’t list a handgun under rifles even if you’re looking for a rifle.

“I’ll take it” means nothing unless the thread starter says it does, and even then we do not enforce it, it just isn’t feasible.

If you decide to list an item for a friend then you take responsibility for that transaction as far as feedback is concerned. We recommend advising others to create their own accounts if they would like to trade here.

Please refrain from excessively bumping your ad when there is no new information to add and nothing has changed. (More than twice a day with no new info is considered "excessive")

When your item has been sold or traded please use the "Mark as Gone" button in your ad. All ads are marked as gone automatically after 45 days.

AR Lowers can be listed in either Handguns or Rifles, but not both. AR Uppers must be listed in the accessories section.

Any firearm with a stabilizing brace listed in the classifieds must be placed in the Rifles category and must have an NFA sub category tag. All others will be removed or relabeled correctly.

If there is suspicion that your item may be stolen it will be taken down and you will be asked to provide proof that you legally acquired the item. If you can not provide proof then you will not be allowed to list that item again.

It is the buyer’s and seller’s responsibility to be familiar with all local, state, and federal laws when considering buying or selling a firearm. It is the parties involved in the transaction’s responsibility to make sure all laws are followed and all items are as represented before they take part in a transaction with someone else. This site can accept no responsibility for mis-represented items or items not being delivered after payment. You use this site at your own risk so please be careful.

Dealers of any kind are allowed to post in the classifieds but only in the "Dealer Listings" area.

80% Lowers - These can only be sold as incomplete/unbuilt lowers. Completed 80% lowers are not allowed in the classifieds.


Comments must be enabled when the ad is started or manually after the ad is created. If comments are enabled then the following rules apply:

Any negative comments, bickering, etc. will be removed from any ads unless the user is pointing out an error in the ad, a defect in the item, or a recall affecting the item.

Any comments on the price being too high or links to lower priced items will be removed.

Do not post the same comment or offer in multiple ads, this will be considered spam and will be deleted.

"GLWS" and smileys are not allowed by themselves, they must be accompanied by a comment or question that is allowed under the rules.

Listings that turn into off-topic discussions will have the comments disabled. (5 or more posts that have nothing to do with the item.)

Users have the ability to remove comments from their ads and can do so for any reason. If you feel like a user is deleting comments that point out a defect in an item or an error in the ad then you can report it and a moderator will take a look at it.

Users that break these rules multiple times can be banned temporarily and/or will have to have all their posts in the classifieds approved by a moderator before they get posted.


Our feedback system is designed to help you make an informed decision about who to deal with and to hold users accountable for their actions. Please be sure to check a user’s feedback before any potential trade and be sure to follow our guidelines for completing a deal so you have the option to leave a negative rating if necessary later.

Positive Ratings -

Positive ratings can be left for any deal that went positively. :D

Negative Ratings -

Our members take their feedback scores very seriously, and that means we must have very strict rules when it comes to giving negative ratings. Please review our requirements carefully for leaving a negative so you can keep it as an option in case a deal doesn’t go according to plan. Any negative rating can be challenged by the recipient by posting in the private help forum.

If a negative rating is challenged then a mod will review the user’s private messages to investigate. In cases involving shipping we will accept tracking information from a major carrier as proof of sending or receiving an item. We will NOT accept texts, emails, voicemails, snapchats, instagram posts, tweets, police body cam footage, etc. as proof of anything. We just don’t have the time or resources to get into anything that isn’t directly verifiable here on the site.

A negative rating becomes an option once these terms have been agreed to by both parties:

  • Date/Time of meeting. (Up to a 2 hour range is acceptable)
  • Location of meeting.

The reasons for leaving a negative are limited to the following:

  • Cancellation of meet after committing to it.
  • Failure to show up to meet.
  • Failure to send payment or item.
  • Item is misrepresented or damaged and it is discovered after the transaction is complete.

Negatives do not have to be permanent, in many cases they are used to force a member to follow through with their commitments. At any time a user can choose to reverse any negative that they have left for another user by posting in the private help forum and letting the site staff know which rating to remove.

Members are allowed to inspect and reject an item or trade at a meet, there is no requirement that they must purchase the item, they are just committed to showing up to the meet.

We recommend that once you have all the details worked out that you send a private message detailing every item involved in the transaction and the time and location of the meet, and ask them to agree to it or accept it. Save this response until you are satisfied with the deal. Once it is gone you lose your leverage.

Disputing a Negative Rating - If you feel like you’ve been given a negative rating unfairly then you have 30 days to dispute it in the private help forum. Please remember that we only accept info that is verifiable in a private message.


We do not have a rule for every possible scenario, and not every scenario requires a rule to be written for it. When something comes up that isn’t covered in the rules the moderators will make a judgement call based on how we deal with everything else. If something comes up frequently then the rules will be amended to address it.

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