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  1. Humbling day at the range.

    The issue isn't hardware. You need coaching from someone who actually knows what they are doing, and telling you to "stop jerking the trigger" isn't coaching. I was just down your way in January. Shane Gosa is a local coach that I would recommend.
  2. FPF Training's Street Encounter Skills and Tactics

    New Shooting Gallery segment on John
  3. FPF Training's Street Encounter Skills and Tactics

    Here's an interview I did with John: Click here for an audio podcast version.
  4. Trigger Management, Camp Sumter (Andersonville), 1/29/22

    Registration and Info link Have you ever missed a shot and had someone tell you it was because you jerked the trigger, and when you asked how to fix it they told you not to jerk the trigger? Well, this class is for you. Trigger management is suitable for both new and experienced shooters. The...
  5. Hostage rescue shot with a 12ga

    One thing that I would raise with that article is that it is referring to the shotgun ammo of over a century ago in use in trench warfare and against wave attacks. That's a lot different than in a domestic U.S. environment in which one is accountable for every projectile sent downrange.
  6. Hostage rescue shot with a 12ga

    I'm starting to see a trend developing.
  7. Hostage rescue shot with a 12ga

    How many incidents have you worked in which people caught a load of buckshot in the important parts and ran away?
  8. Hostage rescue shot with a 12ga

    Yup, and having the kill the bird after it plummets to the ground is not uncommon either.
  9. Hostage rescue shot with a 12ga

    One incident is hardly empirical, but the coed in the video is shot at close range with birdshot. She walked away, called 911, and stated that she thought she had been shot. A cop buddy tells a story of an incident he worked in which a criminal was shot with birdshot. He died, but it wasn't...
  10. Grappling and Gun fighting.

    When I lived in Valdosta, I was told that everything above Nashville was north GA. A former coworker from Dalton considered everything below Calhoun to be south GA.
  11. Standing Your Ground: Online Edition, 7/24/21

    Registration and Info Link “Stand your ground” isn't a magic phrase that transforms a use of force into a lawful use of force. This class explores the dynamics of deadly force encounters to include the reasonable man doctrine, the lawful use of force, interacting with responding officers, and...
  12. Hostage rescue shot with a 12ga

    To quote Tom Givens: "Birdshot is for knocking 4oz birds out of the sky not for 200lb assholes.".
  13. Hostage rescue shot with a 12ga

    FEderal FliteControl and Hornady TAP are designed around a cylinder bore barrel. Anything tighter than IC, and you will see diminishing results. I have an 870 barrel that is threaded for tubes. I run MOD with conventional buck and IC for FFC.
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