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  1. Sig V-Crown 9mm for self defense?

    It what I keep in my 10mm. Seemed like the best choice at the time. It's been a while but I saw a ballistics chart on four or five current offerings. It was much better. Higher velocity and more energy in ft. lbs by a pretty substantial margin.
  2. Stevens Model 940

    And it could be something as small as spring tension. Just have to take a peek.
  3. Stevens Model 940

    I just read your post. See if Numerich Gun parts has a replacement lever. Just follow the basic layout look up by manufacturer than buy model number and get as close as you can with that. They carry a lot of older parts some of them are new some of them are old or used rather but you can find a...
  4. I like some Porsche (certainly over the Corvette) Own one?

    The board at lamans told Chevrolet the had to detune the ZR1 Corvette to make it fair for the rest of the field. If it's not a 1978 Slantnose 935 I will take the new Corvette with HP tuners suite, a super charger and still have money to go to Hawaii.
  5. Fishing the Canoochee river

    I though instead of fishing I would get in the water and harass the alligators. New sport.
  6. Motorcyclist with concealed carry permit stops knife-wielding driver in road rage incident

    482 pacent! That is an actuall true assessment of shirtless igot galutes. 500 pacent true!
  7. North West GA FS 900 TONIGHT!!! Remington Model 700 BDL Custom Deluxe Made in March 1973!

    That's a perfect candidate for my refinishing Ventures. I've got one it's about 6 years older but it doesn't have the Engraving. I could bring that bacl to pristine condition in a matter of days depending on how much I work on it each day. My back limits me on how much I can sitting at stool but...
  8. What's a good combat/duty belt that goes well with just underwear

    You mean you're going to wear a combat belt with a grape sling? Or banana hammock your choice.
  9. Old Mossberg 183D-A bolt action resto progress

    I've got a couple more coats of finish and then it's on to assembly and then I will resto the bolt.
  10. Insomnia cures?

    41mag I haven't forgot about you buddy. I am trying to crawl out from under the rock pile myself. Everything hit me this month and I mean everything. This town is so small we have no mail boxes so we have to rent PO boxes. 50 bucks every six months just so they don't want to pay anybody to make...
  11. Insomnia cures?

    Hello gentleman!
  12. Post Office Purgatory and Pet Peeves.

    4' 4" 275 lbs. 🤣
  13. Post Office Purgatory and Pet Peeves.

    I would have been huffing and puffing at that point. Belides the traffic it's that kind of lazy crap that makes living up here so much better for me. I have lived here 3 years and I don't remember having anyone in front of me at the post office but I feel your pain brother. I had to eat it from...
  14. Any Micro Offset Irons?

    Case'dness. LOL I love it!
  15. Any Micro Offset Irons?

    There is a solution for that equation!
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