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  1. PSA Dagger Optic Ready $380

    I just got my dagger this week. I like everything about it but the trigger. It's horrible. It's so horrible that it takes away from all the great parts of the gun . I won't shoot another round thru it until I get a better trigger for it.
  2. AK mags $5 each (20 for 100)

    Mine came today. Work well in the mutant and the Palmetto AK. Sure am glad y'all talked me into them.
  3. FPF Training's Street Encounter Skills and Tactics

    This is an awesome coarse. I took it last year and I understand that he tweeked it to make it even better. John's an awesome instructor with a lengthy resume. You can get an idea of his teaching style on some of his YouTube videos. Midway, GA 19-20 February...
  4. AK mags $5 each (20 for 100)

    You guys talked me into it. I got 20 of the big'uns coming. Interesting thing. $20 in shipping, but no tax. Total delivered was $119 and some change.
  5. AK mags $5 each (20 for 100)

    $20 shipping. Be interesting to see reviews.
  6. Item Gone: Looking for Used Bowling Balls

    Item Name: Item Gone: Looking for Used Bowling Balls Location: Item is for: Sale/Trade NOT SPECIFIED Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: The cheaper the better. A friend wants to teach that uppity Fed Ex guy a lesson. Would like to specify it be shipped Fed...
  7. Howards Pawn has a Marlin 1894 20" (1978 manufacture) in 44 Rem Mag for $795

    Where is this Howards pawn place you refer to?
  8. Norma Tactical Ammo Sale Today Only

    9mm sale today.
  9. Full Auto Frenzy November 13, 2021

    Good time was had. At least by me. Some REALLY nice stuff on the line today.
  10. Full Auto Frenzy November 13, 2021

    I will have some ammo for sale. However... It's priced pretty high. I looked at what it will cost me to replace it. I'm happy to bring every round back home if it doesn't sale. I'm bringing 223, 300 sub, 762x39, 6.5 grendel, 308, 22lr, 9mm, 45acp, and 10mm. Not bringing a bunch of anything, but...
  11. Full Auto Frenzy November 13, 2021

    Yes. They pay the same fee at the gate as shooters. It's not just full auto. Semis are welcome as well. $20 is less than you will pay for an hour at most ranges. Bring and shoot what you got. Just remember No AP, no tracers, no binary TARGETS. All legal weapons welcome.
  12. Full Auto Frenzy November 13, 2021

    They are not. They had some things come up. I don't believe there will be any full auto vendors this year. Not surprising with the current ammo situation.
  13. Walker Electronic Muff - $29

    I ordered mine Monday and they delivered today. Good deal on spare sets of ear pro.
  14. FS Ruger LCR .327 Federal Magnum

    These are awesome carry guns. 327 is a great defense round. Do your research and see what KE the 327 has vs the 9mm, 38 spl, etc. 6 rounds vs 5 in most other cc revolvers. I ordered mine and waited months for it to come in. This is a real deal. Look what they have been going for on other sites.
  15. SBA3 brace with buffer tube $64

    Out of stock :(
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