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  1. Anyone ever gone on a dream hunt for whitetail deer?

    My best advice for you is to do your homework before booking a out of state hunt. The first one I went on I learned that lesson. I have been on several since then and they have been great hunts. Wes Hixon outdoor adventures is a very good place to start,he has been in the business for a long...
  2. Want to Buy Bluing setup

  3. Want to Buy Bluing setup

    If he’s going to do hot dip blueing he will probably have about $7000 invested before he does the first one With equipment and permits
  4. Ammo Sightings - Post All Ammo Sightings Here

    Can’t read the price
  5. Rebarrel Zastava M808 need quality smith

    Michael Deloach Nine Run Guns He built me a hunting rifle 2 years ago and it’s amazing. He builds everything from hunting to F-Class 912-207-0046
  6. Item Relisted! FS/FT Reed & Barton 925 Sterling Silver flatware Tara pattern 48 piece set

    How did you come up with weight? Are the handles on the knives stainless?
  7. Whose been scoped?

    328 yard shot on a mule deer in Wyoming Prone position, cut me open and the guide said I missed and as soon as he said that the deer fell over
  8. Want to Buy 16 Guage Shotgun Shells

    Went by there today. They want $20 a box for some cheap 16 Guage shells and acted like they could care less if I was in there or not. Didn’t buy anything and won’t go back
  9. Want to Buy 16 Guage Shotgun Shells

    I can’t stand that place but thanks for the reply. I will go by there and see what they have.Is there any reason why they don’t ever answer the phone or return phone calls? There reviews are terrible.
  10. Item Relisted! 16 Guage Shotgun Shells

    This item has been relisted. The new listing can be found at
  11. Want to Buy  16 Guage Shotgun Shells

    Item Name: 16 Guage Shotgun Shells Item Description: Does anyone have a box or 2 that they want to sale? Doesn’t matter what kind 2 and 3/4 7,7.5,8
  12. Item Relisted! Powder H4831SC and IMR 4166

    Bullseye in Lawrenceville had some 4831sc but it’s $60 a lb I would call before you go
  13. Gunsmith?

    Does anyone know of one fairly close to Loganville that works on wood stocks?
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