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  1. Does anyone really...

    Spyderco or 950 Osborn Benchmade
  2. Rapper Boi

    First one - duece and a half, second one - big wheezy
  3. Scared of bats??? You should be!!!

    I like the big bats. They look like flying puppies.
  4. What's the weirdest covid side effect you've had?

    I got about an hour of sleep last night. Yeah!!
  5. What's the weirdest covid side effect you've had?

    The wife, son, and I had it. Tomorrow is my first day back to work. I was instructed by the Doc to take 5 days isolation time, but my employer said 10. I feel like I've been doing time. I'm ready to go back. My wife had very little sense of smell and taste before covid. Now she has none...
  6. Increase in ads for certain calibers

    Gun folks/LEOs/Military are a marketing teams wet dream. We will buy anything.
  7. Unstable creatures...

    Beat me to it.
  8. Cool Keltec video

    Real neat
  9. Let’s play the “What is it?” game!

    Sorry man. Go ahead and run one Sir. I got behind again.
  10. Cleaning old-ish poorly stored Ammo

    Fuddlore. A good one, and a new one for me.
  11. Insomnia cures?

    Only what my brain jukebox plays.
  12. Son got a new bottle opener from an Aussie

    That's nutty.
  13. I Mean, Seriously… Any of You Over 40!!!

    I'm over 40 and wouldn't be caught dead in those fairie pants. That looks like some Steven Furtick crap.
  14. Let’s play the “What is it?” game!

    Smith and Wesson single shot .22 Straight Line
  15. Insomnia cures?

    4 hours....
  16. No way the cops will search your car...

    Perry WalMart.........
  17. Back Some Long Time Ago, This is How We Figured Where Our Guys Were...

    Bike was my transportation as a kid. If a tire was flat life was sucking.
  18. Anyone know anything about casting bullets from lead sheeting?

    Mix it with tin or solder and you will have bullets for the rest of your life. In pure form it does great for Black Powder, buckshot and slugs.
  19. Let’s play the “What is it?” game!

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