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ODT Gun Show & Swap Meet - May 4, 2024 - Cobb County Civic Center


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Purchase Admission & Booths/Tables Here!

ODT Gun Show & Swap Meet
Saturday - May 4, 2024
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Cobb County Civic Center
548 South Marietta Pkwy SE
Marietta, GA 30060

Tickets and Tables/Booths are on sale now!

Our next show is May 4, 2024. The gun show is open to all ODT members and friends/family. No outside advertising will be done for this event. Stay tuned to this thread, any major updates will be added to the top of this post.

Changes from past shows:
  • Price online is $15 a person if you buy a ticket before the show date.
  • Price at the door is $20 per person. We want everyone to buy ahead of time but every show some folks show up without a ticket.
  • You can buy 1 booth and up to 2 tables per person/company.

Pricing - Buy Before April 1 and tickets are only $10!
  • Admission - $15 per person online / $20 per person at door. Children under 18 are free!
  • Tables - $50, includes 1 admission and 1 chair. Limit 2 tables per person/company. 98 tables available.
  • Booths - $150, includes 2 admissions and 2 chairs. Limit 1 booth per person/company. 36 booths available. (A booth is 3 tables at the end of a row.)
Rules are the same as last time: No concealed carry is permitted. All firearms must be unloaded and secured with zip-ties. Zip-ties are available at the door for no cost. Tickets are transferrable. Free admission for children under 18. No strollers allowed.

****No refunds within 30 days of event.

Vendor setup will be Friday 12:00-6:00 PM and Saturday 8:00-10:00AM

We should have a food truck again, I'll post details as I get them. Refreshments will be available inside the Civic Center at the front desk.

Here's the layout for the event, will be the same as last time:
ODT Gun Show Floor Plan Web.jpeg
Yee haw !! Can’t wait for this …… always good to go to a gun show, getting to see some of you nut cases on top of it is just going to be awesome !! 😎
Working on my insult shtick now 🤪 ….. for you guys that are considered friends of course !
Me and the wifey should be there provided I can keep some of this medical crap at bay long enough . I want to at least see some of you regular folks !
Had not been on for a while and saw problems with tables then. Now it makes sense. As I have for the last 2 I can offer a bedroom or 2 for the right ODT'er. I reserve the right to say no but I have 2 bedrooms within 15 minutes for anyone who is traveling for the show. Ist pick is for the suppressor guy who did not stay here for the last one. He gets his pick since I heard he has gone full auto. going to be fun on the golf course. The next one is on a My option basis. Let me know if interested.
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