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  1. Good luck to all on opening day of gun season

    Seen 2 little bucks so far.
  2. What Rifle are you taking on opening day

    Ended up not getting the scope back on the 22-250, so here beside me this morning is the Rem 700 7mag. Been a loooong time since the 250 wasn’t my game day opener. Feels kinda odd.
  3. Good luck to all on opening day of gun season

    I just settled in the stand not long ago. Best of luck to all and please be safe. Killed a copper head yesterday so watch under your feet. Gonna be a short hunt for me today, unfortunately, but excited to unplug for a bit and let nature recharge my batteries.
  4. 10/11 Hunt

    Congrats man! Nice buck. Haven't seen anything close to that run past my desk here at work today! LOL
  5. Howdy

    Welcome to the clan!
  6. 10-10 Hunt

    I ended up seeing a little 5pt. Watched him eat for a bit and then he moved on.
  7. 10-10 Hunt

    Yep, you got that right!
  8. 10-10 Hunt

    Anyone make it today? I slept in this morning but I’ve been in the stand this afternoon for a while now. In a new stand on new property for me this year. Fingers crossed I can at least see something. Be safe and best of luck to anyone else who’s out today.
  9. What Rifle are you taking on opening day

    If I can get scope back on my 22-250 and it sighted in, that’ll be what I take. If I don’t have time, I’ve got the 7 Mag on standby.
  10. He Got The Horn

    Dang cool find!
  11. Target buck down

    Congrats, nice buck.
  12. Every hunting season do you site in your weapon of choice?

    You better believe it. Gotta send some rounds down range to verify!
  13. Got my tower stand up

    Very nice!
  14. 10/9 Hunt

    Don’t have a smoke pole, but I’ll be there with the crossbow. About to head out myself. Best of luck to everyone. Be safe and watch for snakes. Quite a few rattlers killed around my area the last week.
  15. Practice Proper Shot Placement...Please

    Works great. They drop where they stand, no tracking and makes cleaning easy since all their innards are in tact and where they belong.
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