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  1. 18yr old daughter is starting college and needs a self defense weapon. Guns on campus are out so what is the best self defense weapon?

    Inert frag. Nothing crazier than a chick with an "I already pulled the pin" attitude
  2. PD Trade in G17 mags OOS now

  3. West GA FS **SPM** FS Ruger American .308

  4. There you go poverty pony lovers, anderson and its new rifles

    Just as good...
  5. I know I'm going to be called one of the "poors" but

    Hey man try the alpo in a can, same stuff just different shapes
  6. Teacher bangs teen for 3 years. Gets probation 😳😳

    Trolls trolling trolls
  7. Teacher bangs teen for 3 years. Gets probation 😳😳

    And I totally agree. That's why I grouped the 2 quotes together. Was only playing devils advocate to blazedog comment. I have zero doubt that anyone defending this or giving props to the kid would have an entirely different opinion if the sexes were reversed.
  8. Teacher bangs teen for 3 years. Gets probation 😳😳

    Exactly, authority over them changes the outline 100% and is/was being overlooked But in this case its different, rape victim didn't initiate retribution. Even if the teacher did think he was going to harm himself, she exposed the relationship first. And it looks more like an attempt to save...
  9. Teacher bangs teen for 3 years. Gets probation 😳😳

    What blows me away in these cases are that the parents have "no clue" whats going on. At 13 I was still heavily monitored. Maybe the #1 red flag should have been that he was around the same teacher for 3 years.
  10. Bend over backwards for ya

    Rather that than getting bent forward
  11. College student was gunned down in Georgia early Saturday morning after a professor from her school opened fire at the car she was sitting in.

    I am really curious as to what was said that would set a guy like this off. I dont believe it was as simple as "security ask him to leave"
  12. Tikka T3x Lite Roughtech Ember

    There's a tan 7mm on gb
  13. So how many folks got a call from the Postal Inspector lately?

    Failing to see the correlation. The lack of bos in this was simply an additional nail in the coffin. Providing one would have changed nothing in this over 7 decade old case.
  14. Upcoming EDC/Survival kits made by me

    BHI- Saw some of your kits and all I thought is everyone has to start somewhere. ODT undervalues the importance of simple med gear and some of us are really too stubborn to admit it... or it can be summed up to ignorance and lack of experience. Was at a private range with some guys and one of...
  15. North West GA FS IWI Galil ACE Gen 2 in 5.56

    Needs to be a dealer listing
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