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  1. Does anyone really...

    I do have a cheap OTF, think Mr. Stabby, but I frankly don't trust the quality so it just sits on my desk as pretty much a letter opener and sometimes fidget toy. And yes, I HAVE popped the blade out and stabbed my own hand with it a few times when not paying attention, usually during this or...
  2. Does anyone really...

    S&W as a knocking about knife. I beat the hell out of it and so far its been durable enough. It was cheap enough that I wouldn't feel bad if I forgot to leave it behind at the airport and had to turn it over to security (which is generally how I lose knives). If I'm going somewhere that I...
  3. Louie Anderson Dead

    Rough year so far, wonder what the stats are on their vax status prior to kicking over?
  4. Ever been asked to see tax stamp?

    No axe, straight in the garbage! Didn't like when I got mad and pointed out it was worth more than she is.
  5. Ever been asked to see tax stamp?

    She even threw away the little pot holder thingy that came with the can!!!!! I found that too
  6. Ever been asked to see tax stamp?

    Check this out. I had a can sitting in its little box on the dining room table, along with the original stamp. Wife decided to clean off the table at Christmas time, threw them BOTH away. I saw the table that night when I finished work, asked her where those two things had gone. I spent the...
  7. Show your 3D prints

    Gave up on ABS. Far too stinky (aka poisonous vapors), far too much warping. PLA I found was too brittle depending on the specific brand you use but many of them tend to be just a bit on the brittle side. Switched completely to PLA+ or PLA Pro. Easy of PLA printing, no noxious offgassing...
  8. To All of You with a Nice Beer Belly: You’re in their Thoughts….

    Looked it up, it a practice used in several African countries as it turns out. The dudes there are willing to pay through the nose for da fatties. Lets export Big Stace, maybe close the budget deficit?!
  9. To All of You with a Nice Beer Belly: You’re in their Thoughts….

    Forgot what tribe it is but the girls when they are teens they fatten them up with camels milk so they'll be more attractive as wives. I guess in super poor places whoever is rich enough to be able to afford being fat its a big status symbol. Perspective...........funny stuff.
  10. Item Relisted! Pup needs home

    Good Girl Bump for a Wednesday morning
  11. To All of You with a Nice Beer Belly: You’re in their Thoughts….

    If they painted a stick arm on there with a can of white claw that’d be about perfect
  12. Item Relisted! FS 01 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4X4

    so 203K on the 4.0?
  13. Show your 3D prints

    As hobbies go its an interesting one and relatively cheap to get into. Reloading by comparison is WAYYYYYYYY more expensive.
  14. Show your 3D prints

    Foregrip was a download. I grabbed several STLs off Thingiverse and tested them out. Some were gimicky, really airsoft grade garbage. Others though (like the one pictured) were legitimate, sturdy. For something like that I print a copy or two and really give a concerted effort to break em...
  15. Show your 3D prints

    There are a few recent goodies including: Simple primer pocket gauge to separate SPP from LPP 45acp brass 50bmg decapper with A2 tool steel primer punch Dillon 550 tool head wall mount holders Dillon 650/750 bullet tray Dillon casefeeder primer tube racks (two of them) Dillon casefeeder drive...
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