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  1. Site Upgrade - Update 3

    It is no longer a secret code as Gun&Doglover broke the code.
  2. Site Upgrade - Update 3

    It's a secret code.
  3. Site Upgrade - Update 3

    I see all of that when hovering over the avatar.
  4. Site Upgrade - Update 3

    I lost my supporter badge. I looked under my updates and it says it expires in 2024.
  5. New Classifieds & New Policies

    I would hope that the Revolver Section will never be here again. :D
  6. New Classifieds & New Policies

    The new thing isn't working for me.
  7. The New Odt

    I like the new software.
  8. Suggestion

    I suggest that the dudes around here place proper codes so that the {Enter} command will work. You guys are really ignoring your duties. You need to be in charge or ask someone smarter to get it done. You are slackers.;):):rolleyes::confused::cool::pop2:
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