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  1. Knife in your pocket today?

  2. Best Place for Knife Purchase

    I was looking at getting a Microtech. Do you know where to get a deal? I was looking at an ADO. It looks like they are no longer manufactured.
  3. Custom Eye Candy

  4. Custom Eye Candy

  5. Custom Eye Candy

  6. Custom Eye Candy I was here last week. So much raw material.
  7. Custom Eye Candy Check out all the knives at the link. Here are a few to wet your appetite.
  8. Fixed Blade Tactical

    I have always been partial to folding knives for tactical use. I recently picked up this SOG Instinct. At 5.9" overall and with a weight of 2.3 oz., it is easy to carry. The clip on the sheath rotates for any carry position. I wear it on my belt, inline with my belt with the knife in a...
  9. Knife in your pocket today?

    Very nice! Where did you get it?
  10. Knife in your pocket today?

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