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  1. Buffalo Trace 750 ml

    Problem with 4 roses is the different versions taste pretty different. And popularity has added about 15$ to the price.
  2. Does your bug out set up include?

    Just train well and there will be plenty of spare guns and ammo laying around.
  3. Buffalo Trace 750 ml

    Marketing genius combined with dumb customers who like to be trendy in the culdisac standing around the egg grill. Meanwhile I cook great food on a weber grill and buy 35$ whiskey that tastes just as good as Blanton's. I always ask for a fine bottle of something when I work on a friend's gun...
  4. Can you use a Silencershop Kiosk to Xfer from a Form 4 (Individual) to 4(Trust)?

    My dealer FFL started up a sharing session with me on Silencershop. We used the pin number I got through the ATF web account I created. He added the stamp to my trust in about 1 minute. Not sure if that helps at all.

    They cashed my check in June 2021 and calling them has been a waste of time. I have moved 5 miles from where I was. No way would I tell them and not sure how they could know.
  6. Want to Buy  WTB Crimson green or red laser grip for S&W J-frame 442 round butt

    Item Name: WTB Crimson green or red laser grip for S&W J-frame 442 round butt Item Description: Hoping to run across a good deal, thanks.
  7. Item Gone: FS NEW 900 rounds brass 9mm ammo 115 grain

    Item Name: Item Gone: FS NEW 900 rounds brass 9mm ammo 115 grain Location: Cumming Ga Near Academy Sports 350 Peachtree Pkwy Zip Code: 30041 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 295 Caliber: 9mm Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Have more than I need. Paying...
  8. Does anyone here not carry a gun everyday? Has anyone carried and quit?

    At this point in life where I'm not as capable as I used to be and always caring for and transporting grandkids this is the very time I need to be armed. If there aren't metal detectors guess what. I have more than one weight of carry.
  9. Careful who you meet

    Yep, cops clone their phones and get the texts and calls. Tower locations etc. Then they go for their automotive navigator or app.
  10. Two PDF printable targets for training B8 Repair plus 1" Torture Squares

    Best two targets I ever generated into a document. I ditched the ink jet printer and went for a new HP laser which is faster, cheaper but holds up in the weather. First B8 bullseye is universal in pistol drills but the 1-2" inch squares sheet at 5-10yards is an awesome way to train. There's not...
  11. The best range and target spray glue yet.. 8 bucks

    I've always used the red can of 3m spray glue to hold targets when training. It used to cost 7.99 but now they want 13.99 for the same can. Other brands such as Loctite are watery and weak. I found this for drywall work in the lumber section of Home Depot for 8$ and it's not only stronger but...
  12. LTT Glock striker control device...

    Great video cut away. Yeah the striker spring under partial tension when cocked etc. Thanks for sharing that.
  13. LTT Glock striker control device...

    The problem is the striker on a Glock is only HALF cocked when you're holstering it ready to fire. Not only is this similar in operation to a double action gun but you have a drop safety slot cut into the trigger housing. There's a valid reason the factory trigger and passive safeties are...
  14. Item Relisted! FS/FT Smith and Wesson Model 10-6 Nickle WTS / WTT

    I have the twin sister. Damned fine gun.
  15. Help me out here

    Banshee is a revolutionary design with their rotary blowback, or whatever they call it. I have friends with 10mm and one friend bought a pair for he and his wife in 45acp. I've never seen them lower than 1400. Good luck, I think you made a solid choice. Resell value is important and that will...
  16. My recent experience with anti-gun activists in California.

    Not surprised at all. What scumbags.
  17. Glock 43X MOS Optic (Not made in China)

    Run from the Delta Point. It's not that much trouble to replace an RMR battery once a year and if you have good backup sights you can see the dot line back up with them when you reinstall it. Machining the slide is the way to go and you could just mail the slide to someone similar to
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