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  1. Don’t want your kids getting hold of a live round? Smack it with a hammer

    Who knew? Your not supposed to hit a bullet with a hammer...that's not in ANY of the instruction manuals...
  2. Annoying commercials

    The same HULU commercials that haven't changed in the 3 years we've had it...UGH!
  3. Shootout in Florida.

    Yeah, the magazine maybe confirms that. Looks like my Springfield Saint 7.5 upon further reflection.
  4. Shootout in Florida.

    Can't really tell from the video, but I believe the weapon of choice for these fine upstanding citizens is a Draco AK, I may be wrong...
  5. Thats my boy!

    Love it! That's awesome! He deserves a pee after hitting a double! Marking his territory...
  6. Shootout in Florida.

    Very nice mag dump into the a-hole.
  7. Taking the beef out back

    Looks like a fine upstanding citizen to me...:frown:

    That little troll LIED directly to Rand Paul's face and will skate scot free. :mad:
  9. Trespassers Welcome.

    This is what's in our front flower bed. The local PD actually stopped and took a picture of it and said they probably won't be expecting any break in calls from us!
  10. MUSIC: What are you listening to right now?

    You may not want to watch/listen to this if you're a biden voter...
  11. So, You Said You Can’t Exercise, Why?

  12. House hit by lightning

    PSA on a similar subject: Best friend woke up last weekend at 1:00 a.m. to a house filled with smoke. They set the wall oven to self-clean before bed, and the damn thing never turned itself off. The firefighters hit it with a sensor and it was 1,200 degrees. Had to chop it out of the wall to...
  13. Need Scope Mounting

    Invest in a torque driver. Best $99 I ever spent.
  14. Regeneron - Public Service announcement.

    Don't let the media hear you making sense like this...
  15. Gus’s Chicken - Chamblee

    We love Gus's in downtown Kennesaw. Best chain fried chicken ever IMHO...
  16. Attention ODT math brain trust!

    please don't make me do math stoned...
  17. North West GA  FS/FT Lenox Bone China - 12 complete 5 piece place settings plus extras

    Lenox Bone China - 12 complete 5 piece place settings plus extras. Guys, finally you can get something from the ODT that your wife will love, just in time for the Holidays. This is a beautiful set of Lenox China that needs a new home. It also has a serving platter, salad bowl, appetizer plate...
  18. FS/FT Lenox Bone China - 12 complete 5 piece place settings plus extras

    This item has been relisted. The new listing can be found at https://www.theoutdoorstrader.com/threads/fs-ft-lenox-bone-china-12-complete-5-piece-place-settings-plus-extras.2600058/.
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