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  1. Hunting license PSA

    Make sure and check your dates. MIne expires in 10 days and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Also, don't forget to print up a current harvest record. No one wants a fine and their game confiscated.
  2. On the RecTec tonight

    BBQ chicken and bacon. Just put on a few minutes ago.
  3. Bushmaster BA50

    Anyone own one? I'm thinking about one and just wondering what I may be getting into. Its already set up with Mark4 and a BORS, some ammo and reloading set up. Don't really need it, but it has been on my wish list for a while.
  4. Anyone have honey bees

    Lost 4 of my 5 hives last year. Getting ready to start making splits with the strong hive and wondering if anyone else was doing the same? Currently have frames in the freezer and replacement foundation if needed. Going for honey this year, so should be interesting.
  5. Pulled pork

    Just tossed 2 pork loins on RecTec for this evening. Should be about 15# of pulled pork when I'm finished.
  6. Hornady 6.5 CM 143 ELD-X

    Just curious as to what this ammo is worth now? Trying to decide if I need insurance on my box with some of the insane prices I have seen lately.
  7. Ribs on the smoker

    Should be coming off about 7pm. Going to take care of neighbors and family with 9 racks.
  8. 12/9 hunt

    Anyone heading out this afternoon? About to get my gear and go enjoy a nice afternoon in the woods.
  9. 11-15 hunt

    Getting ready to head to work and pay some bills. Anyone heading out this morning?
  10. 11-14 Hunt

    Anyone heading out on this cold and clear morning? I'm on the way to work so I will have to be with you in spirit this weekend.
  11. 11-6 hunt

    Anyone heading out this warm morning to go sit in the woods? Getting a late start; but I usually don't see anything until about 8am at earliest where I'm sitting.
  12. 11-4 Hunt

    Anyone heading out this morning besides me? Work schedule was perfect for being off most of this week and I'm taking advantage of it.
  13. 11-3 Hunt

    Getting ready to head down to the property and hunt does this morning. Anyone else getting out in this nice crisp weather today? I've already voted, so there is nothing I can do but wait for the results and what better place than in the woods.
  14. 11-1 hunt

    Anyone heading out today? They are starting to heat up in Meriwether. Wife did ask me last night how many I planned to get this season.
  15. 10/31 Halloween hunt

    Anyone beside me about to go out this morning? Time to play trick or treat with the deer.
  16. 10/27 hunt

    Anyone heading out this morning? I will be leaving in about 30 minutes to go see what is moving today.
  17. 10/26 Hunt

    Anyone going out today? I'm thinking of an evening hunt if I can get some of the honey-do's completed.
  18. 10/25 hunt

    Anyone else going to sit in a wet stand this morning? Hoping its my turn to finally see one today.
  19. 10/24 hunt

    Anyone besides me getting ready to head out and sit in the woods this morning? Looks like rain where we hunt starting late morning.
  20. 10/18 hunt

    Can't make it today as I have to work 053-1730. However, deer cooler said that almost everyone getting deer yesterday were hunting in the oaks. Be safe and post pics of your success.
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