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  1. FS Smith & Wesson 66 Combat Magnum

    No trades… this is a sad day ‘Merica! LoL! Sweet Smith!
  2. Item Gone: FS .

  3. Item Gone: FS/FT Sig P365 X

    Mine too! LOL! Carry on! GLWS/T
  4. Item Gone: FT .

  5. FS Glock 43x MOS w/Holosun

    That holster is badass!!!!!
  6. FS Kimber EVO SP Custom Shop 9mm w/ extra's

    That is sweet!!!!!
  7. Item Gone: FS .

  8. FS Ruger GP-100 Stainless Wiley Clapp edition .............. $1000

    Bump for a really cool dude to deal with!
  9. FT Sig p365 hybrid

    Bump for one of the best ODTers!
  10. Item Gone: FT .

  11. Item Gone: FT .

  12. Item Gone: FS/FT Reduced - Now $775!! - Kimber K6s 3" DASA

    Would someone please remove this temptation! Sweet Kimber!!
  13. Item Gone: FS Gone

  14. FS Glock 19 Gen5 9mm in great condition

    That’s a sweet setup!
  15. Item Gone: FS .

  16. FS/FT Reduced - Now $775!! - Kimber K6s 3" DASA

    Bump for a Badass Kimber!
  17. Item Gone: FS Diamondback Ar

    Pics? Come on, Man! LoL.. you know pics or it didn’t happen!
  18. Item Gone: FT ***TRADE PENDING*** FT Kimber Custom II .45acp BLACK

    Bump for a badass 1911!
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