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  1. We never say goodbye, we always say so long....

    To all of you that have responded to this thread & to those that may respond after this post. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE CONDOLENCES & WELL WISHES. My father taught me that the right path is not always the easy path & that no matter what the temptation might be, it is never worth the price that...
  2. We never say goodbye, we always say so long....

    Apologies if the pic mislead anyone. Was the only photo online (not me) that I could find that came anywhere close to how my mom and me feel right now. My father was US Army 14th Engineers in Vietnam (not sure of the year/years). Served in Vietnam, Fort Huachuca, Fort Benning (I think) & one or...
  3. We never say goodbye, we always say so long....

    My father came home from the hospital last night. This morning he went home to be with my grandparents & all our old pups. Not that it really means anything to most people, but these were some of the last songs he and I listened to when traveling together. Enjoy..! F**K CANCER..!
  4. Prayers Needed

  5. Hate to ask but think I need my prayer warriors!

  6. We need your prayers. My mom passed last night :( .. Funeral at Mckoons in Newnan.

    Peace and prayers for your family in this time of need. :pray2::pray2::pray2:
  7. Mom, Transitioned this morning. UPDATE Post 44

    :pray2::pray2::pray2: for you & yours. May her memory warm your hearts in times of need...!
  8. Prayers please

  9. Need urgent prayers

  10. One more time for PRAYERS

    :pray2: Prayers & blessings for him and his family! :pray2:
  11. Need your prayers

    :pray2::pray2: Prayers for you and your family are on the way. :pray2::pray2:
  12. Prayers needed please

    :pray2::angel: May there be peace & blessings in the hearts of the hurting, for he is in a better place! R.I.P. :angel::pray2:
  13. Prayers please

    :pray2: Prayers for the lost & well wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured! :pray2: R.I.P. :pray2:
  14. Need a few prayers...FINAL UPDATE POST 29

    :pray2::pray2::pray2: For where there is faith, there is hope! :pray2::pray2::pray2: Prayers to you & your family.
  15. Need MORE prayers my ODT Family, LATEST update Post 104 GOOD News!

    1) The longest road begins but with a single step! 2) All mine & my family's best wishes/prayers for a speedy recovery! :pray2::pray2::pray2::pray2::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
  16. Prayers for twins

    Prayers & well wishes for the entire family headed your way!
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