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  1. North West GA FS ***. 3 PRE SAFETY MARLINS PACKAGE DEAL $2200 ***

    Priced for the reality of the current socio-economic conditions and they will sell.
  2. North East GA FS Bridgeport Milling Machine

    The Taiwanese/Chinese can produce any level of quality the customer is willing to pay for. If the importer specifies junk, that is what most will get.
  3. Metro Atlanta FS EXCLUSIVE! Japanese Ground Self Defense Force Type 73 Kogata Turbodiesel

    What kind of fuel mileage can be expected? Will it cruise comfortably at 55mph 90km/hr (+/-) looks like it weighs around 4000 lbs.
  4. Item Relisted! Item Gone: FS Sig P226 MK 25

    This item has been relisted. The new listing can be found at
  5. South East GA  FS Sig P226 MK 25

    Item Name: FS Sig P226 MK 25 Location: Screven Zip Code: 31560 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: $1000 Caliber: 9mm Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Sig P226 MK 25 Cash only if FTF. Please no trades. Shipping to your FFL is "at cost" on my end...
  6. Your favorite taco topping?

    Translates to "fried Chili oil" mmmmmmmmmmmmmmon just about anything, especially rice/meat quesadillas (soft shell taco)
  7. 5 Best Home Self Defense Firearms

    22LR is said to penetrate 2-3 inches of soft pine at MV. I once dropped an armadillo dead in his tracks at about 80yds....pure outhouse luck of course...I admit
  8. 2023 Georgia Bulldogs Football Schedule

    They should be aware of what lack-boy teams they select: examples Hawaii vs Alabama.....L Michigan vs Appalachian State ......L Oklahoma vs Boise State.........L
  9. North West GA FS Trijicon 1-4-24 with mount. $500

    no shipping....I was ready to PM
  10. Always check your barrel or possible Ruger 44 mag kaboom

    I make it a practice to always strip-clean, including the barrel on any new gun, even from a gun-shop.....especially from a gun shop as there is often anti-corrosive grease present and although it will not destroy the gun itself, will most likely take the edge off of the expected accuracy. 2...
  11. 5 Best Home Self Defense Firearms

    For a hunting rifle, 2 legs or 4, I recommend a Remington SPS in .308 and the best scope you can afford. Mine has a Nikon M-308 on it and shoots holes touching at 100yds. This was after pillar bedding and case length determination, and of course some range work....$100 or so.....probably more...
  12. Built a new wood shed

    I have cut firewood for three families going on 40years: with a good footing, and when cut to length and stacked with care.....I have never had one fall down even in 60mph winds (two near miss hurricanes)
  13. Galil Ace .308 Rifle Owners or X-owners

    Thanks again
  14. Surfing 115 foot wave

    some stunning local babes in the general area there too, at least in the 60's and 70's. There is always something to ride if the surf is no good.
  15. Surfing 115 foot wave

    At this size, you do not. The rider is pulled into the wave by a jetski, and then released. There is about a 20 foot tide there and when small, 8-12 ft, is very rideable some where along the coast depending on wind (off shore wind is best) and tide level (mid to low tide is generally best)...
  16. Surfing 115 foot wave

    Nazare, Portugal. The water is cold too
  17. Galil Ace .308 Rifle Owners or X-owners

    Many thanks, from the KNS website, some close measurements appear necessary. I would think that if you specify Galil ace with 16" barrel, they could fix you up with the correct part.
  18. Galil Ace .308 Rifle Owners or X-owners

    I am looking at buying one of these, but for what is referred to as a battle rifle, field stripping, even for ordinary maintenance seems tedious. How is the recoil on these rifles? Any known weak points. Thanks, Moose
  19. The Difference Between Water & Beer! Now I understand why I love beer!

    Real beer has at least a 2000 year history of helping ugly people have sex. Even before the LGBFD crap, bud light was nothing more than artificially flavored horse urine.
  20. Old school Mercedes anyone?

    I rode in a 240d taxi in Sarajevo years ago that had 2.4M kilometers on it.
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