reloading supplies

  1. North West GA  FT Hornady match grade 308 dies

    Listing up some 308 match dies, looking to trade for a full length resizing 308 set. Match grade just isn't what I need for my rifles. Open to all brands of dies for trade.
  2. North East GA  FS 40 S&W Brass Casings, some primed

    40 S&W brass deprimed and cleaned (approx 200+) 40 S&W primed brass cases (80)
  3. Item Gone: FS IMR SR 7625 Powder - 80-90% full

    IMR SR 7625 - 80-90% full
  4. Central GA  FS/FT Rifle Brass (300 WBY, 270 WSM, 300 WSM, etc)

    Mixed magnum rifle brass for sale, mainly 300 Weatherby. 300 Weatherby Magnum- 85pcs 7mm Magnum- 18pcs 270WSM- 16pcs 300WSM- 14pcs 280 rem- 9pcs 260 rem- 4pcs $100 for all, open to trades on other reloading components, or gun parts/ optics. ***ammo boxes NOT included***
  5. Central GA  FS Gold dot g2

    I got bout 490 gold dot 147gn g2 bullets for Reloading. The pulled. There some pull marks. There blk coated as well!
  6. Central GA  FT Varget for H1000 or RL26

    I have up to 3 lbs of Varget to trade for H1000 or RL26
  7. Item Gone: FS/FT RCBS Ammo Master press $350

    **** Sellingbfor a friend**** RCBS ammo Master progressive RELOADING press with a #10 plate. And the RCBS case activated powder drop. It is missing parts of the priming system Comes with operation/set-up manual. Prefer local pickup but will ship on your dime. From Warner Robins Ga $350.00...
  8. West GA  FT Large pistol primers

    350 - no.150 federal large pistol primers 57- cci 300 large pistol primers Will trade for large rifle primers
  9. West GA  FS/FT 30 cal hunting

    18 - 300wsm primed cases, new 32 - 30 cal 200gr lrx barnes 36 - Mosley accubond 200gr 30 cal 222 - hornady eldx 200 gr 30 cal $100 obo or will trade for large rifle primers
  10. Metro Atlanta  FS/FT 9mm brass, resized, de-primed, and tumbled

    I have 4,000 pieces of ready-to-reload, clean/tumbled, resized, de-primed 9mm brass for sale or trade. $75 per 1000 pieces. Trade interests are: Primers: any kind. Powders: IMR 4064; HP-38; Power pistol; Win ACT Pistol; Blue Dot; or AA No. 7. Brass/bullets/complete ammunition: 7.5x55 Swiss...
  11. FS 1000 Cci 450 Small Rifle Primers

    I have one box of 1000 CCI small rifle primers. No trades. Just looking to sell for cash.
  12. Metro Atlanta  FS NEW, Box of 250 BERRY’S 9mm (.356) 115gr Round Nose Bullets (23161)

    Up for sale is a NEW, Box of 250 BERRY’S 9mm (.356) 115gr Round Nose Bullets . This is new.
  13. North West GA  FS/FT LEE 218 Bee dies

    Hi, i have a 218 Bee die set someone may want. Also comes with the lee case trimmer. I'm cleaning out the stuff I don't use. I'm looking for a pound of H4198 if anyone has any. Thanks for looking.
  14. Metro Atlanta  FS NATIONAL METALLIC Lead Bullet Casting Alloy Ingot (5lbs), Model 021020 (21553)

    Up for sale is a NATIONAL METALLIC Lead Bullet Casting Alloy Ingot (5lbs), Model 021020.
  15. Central GA  FS/FT Hornady xtp 9mm 124 grain

    5 boxes of Hornady xtp 124 grain never opened. Will sell 25 a box or trade for 9mm, 10mm 308 or 45-70 ammo
  16. North West GA  FS/FT 45 xtp 250gr

    All right got a hundred Hornady projectiles. These are 250 grain that a buddy grab for me incidentally when I asked him for some 45 ACP projectiles. Will sell for 30 bucks or trade for an equal amount of something later for my my 45 ACP reloads maybe 165? Also I reload 9 and 10 mm so I'm open...
  17. Item Gone: FS Bullets

    1. 2 Boxes of 6mm 95 GR Nosler Ballistic tips. 50 count boxes gone 2) 2 Boxes of 7mm 140 GR Nosler Ballistic Tips. 50 count boxes gone 3) 1 Box of 6.5mm Hornady ELDM 130 grain. $37 4) 10 Boxes of .224 Hornady FMJ W/C 55 grain. 100 count boxes $12 ea. 5) 4 Boxes of .224 Hornady 55 GR soft point...
  18. Item Gone: FS/FT Reloading powder (Black Powder/MuzzleLoader)

    Elephant powder is about half full Pyrodex P is about half full Pyrodex RS has about 1/4 left Will trade for ammo (9mm, 5.56, 7.62x54R, .22LR, .45ACP)
  19. Metro Atlanta  FS - 6mm/.243 Target Bullets (64.25-68 grains)

    My son has lost interest (for now) in shooting and I'm helping him sell his 6mm short-range, benchrest-type target bullets (64.25-68 grains) -- he has thousands! Made by various folks, including: Bart's - Subject to closer inspection, approx. 33, 68 gr Ultra, and approx. 250, 66 grain Original...
  20. Item Gone: FS/FT Varget 1lb

    Anybody want to straight up trade your H335, Accurate 2460, Benchmark or BL-C(2) for my 1 lb of unopened/unused Varget? #1 choice is H335. Reloader 15, Accurate 2495 or Win 748 will also work for this application. I am in Rockmart and work in Marietta so I am super flexible on meetups. I do...
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