reloading supplies

  1. South West GA  FS 45 GAP brass

    I have 365 45 GAP brass for sale $ 25.00
  2. South West GA  FS/FT 300 BO brass

    Send me your 223/5.56 brass and let me convert it to 300bo for 10 cent each.
  3. South West GA  FT Pistol Brass for Rifle Brass

    I'll trade you my processed pistol brass for your dirty rifle brass. 2 of mine for 1 of yours I have ready to prime load 9s 40s I need 223/5.56 and 308s, 30-06s
  4. South West GA  FS/FT 300 Black Out Brass

    I have 500 300 BO brass for sale This is converted 223 brass trimmed, sized & cleaned
  5. South West GA  FT Trade 1 for 2

    Will trade you 500 of my processed brass for 1,000 of your dirty brass. I have 30-06 , 308 , 223 , 300bo , 6.5 cm , 9mm , 40S&W , and 45 ACP Smaller quantities available.
  6. East GA  FS/FT Let me process your brass

    Send me your riffle brass 10 cent ea.223,243,270,7mm08,308 & 3006 These are just a few. You pay shipping both ways.
  7. South West GA  FS 500 Hornady 223 processed brass

    Brass has been wet tumbled ,sized and deprimed, swaged, trimmed and polished
  8. South West GA  FS 38 special brass

    1,000 38 special brass
  9. West GA  FS/FT Hornady ELD-M 147gr 6.5mm projectiles

    300 total. Straight trade for 140gr ELD-M 6.5mm or 105 shipped.
  10. North East GA  FT Alliant 10x powder

    Alliant 10X powder (unopened 1 lb) Trade for Unique or Alliant 20/28
  11. North West GA  FS/FT Powders

    Four in back have never been opened.. two in front have had less than 100 grains used each
  12. North West GA  FS Winchester Primers

    Found a few more boxes I️ can let go, I️’ve got: Winchester SR - 1 box ***Winchester LP - 1 box*** SPM Winchester SP - 2 boxes Stored in sealed ammo cans climate controlled and ready to reload. $90.00 per 1,000, $340.00 if you take all 4 Cash only, FTF meet near me. Meet details settled in...
  13. North West GA  FS Giraud Cartridge Case Annealer

    American-made high-volume brass annealer for the serious reloader/manufacturer. Hopper-fed and propane-fired, this unit is in like-new condition and comes with two sets of feeder disks, Blue to accommodate the entire 308 family of cartridges (30-06, 270, 243, etc) and Red for the 223 family...
  14. Metro Atlanta  FS Remington 1 1/2 Small Pistol Primers

    For Sale - Remington 1 1/2 small pistol primers. New inventory received in the last 3 months. Sold in boxes of 1000 or 5000. All in sealed cases. $350 for 5000 or $75 for 1000 Pickup or meet in Cumming only. I am certified to ship if you want them shipped but it is pricey. $125 for up to...
  15. Metro Atlanta  FS Dillon Super 1050

    Dillon Super 1050. With powder check, low powder alarm, Innovative bench stand, 9mm pistol die set installed (and also a new one). Mr Bulletfeeder, extra primer tubes, Also includes Dillon primer flipper and the adjustable LED light. Also includes set up (conversion kit and dies) for 38 Super...
  16. North East GA  FS/FT RCBS Die Sets, Magnum Rifle Primers, Brass, .45 Projectiles

    Making room and am no longer in need of these reloading supplies. See below: RCBS 15301 .300 WM Full-Length Die Set - $30 39 pieces of once fired, cleaned and deprimed .300 WM brass - $20 200 pcs Hornady #12458 255gr FP Cowboy .454" projectiles - $40 100 pcs Hornady XTP #45100 185gr .451"...
  17. West GA  FS IMR-4831

    Unopened 8 pound jug of IMR-4831 powder. Must pick up in or around Bowdon, Carrollton area. NO shipping.
  18. Metro Atlanta  FS Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point 147 gr 9mm bullets and Brass

    Standard sale terms: For firearm sales, I will only deal with members that are over 21 and legally allowed to own a firearm. For firearm sales, I will want to see CWP at time of sale or trade, but have no need to record. I strongly prefer to work with members that have ONLY significant positive...
  19. South East GA  FS/FT MEC 600 JR loader. 12, 20, 28 gauge

    This is a “Pre-85” single stage reloader I picked up at an Estate Sale a few years back. It was set up for 12 gauge so I talked with an Engineer at MEC to spec the die sets for 20ga and 28 ga. You can also purchase .410 setups from MEC. 16 Bushings, most never used. 17 up to 35. 6 single...
  20. North West GA  FS/FT 75gr Polymer Tip .224 projectiles

    200 75gr polymer tip projectiles. These are factory seconds from Midway USA but are Hornady ELD match projectiles. Too long for AR mags is why I am selling. Will trade for other reloading components, factory ammo etc. Asking $40 for both boxes (200 total).
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