reloading supplies

  1. North West GA  FS Federal Small pistol primers

    Box of 1000 unopened small pistol primers. $60.00. First money takes it. 770-880-5775.
  2. North West GA  FS/FT 6.5 Creedmoor reloading supplies

    All items new. Only 20 rounds made and fired with items below: - 100 Sig Sauer brass cases, 80 virgin, 20 once fired. Asking $70. - Hornady 140 gr BTHP. 500 in unopened boxes, 80 in opened box. Total 580 pills selling for $165.00. - Lee ultimate die set - Asking $40. - Hornady Lock-N-Load...
  3. Metro Atlanta  FS 338 Lapua Brass and Ammo

    I sold my .338 Lapua rifle and now I need to sell my left over ammo and components. I have the following for sale: 112 pieces of once shot Norma brass. This the brass from the Black Hills 300gr ammo that I shot. $200 for the lot. 1 Box of Black Hills .338 Lapua 300gr, 20 pieces. $80 for the...
  4. North West GA  FS LR Primers

    I️ have 2,900 Large Rifle primers for sale. There are 2 cases of 1,000 Armscor primers each (*2 are SPM*), 600 MagTech size 9 1/2 primers, and 300 Remington size 9 1/2 primers. Priced at $85/1000 ($8.50 per sleeve of 100). Sale only, cash only, meet near me. No texts or calls until you’ve...
  5. Metro Atlanta  FS Winchester 760 powder

    Have 2 for sale. $40 each
  6. Metro Atlanta  FS/FT Hogdon Titegroup Powder, 1#

    Sealed container of Hogdon Titegroup, one pound. Will not ship.
  7. Metro Atlanta  FS Dillon Square Deal B with multiple caliber Dies

    Not used in almost 3 years now, need it gone. Comes with everything shown, multiple powder drops, no table mount. Dies/shell holder, powder measures, etc- calibers- 45 ACP, 38/357. 44/44mag, 9MM. Extras in one box.
  8. North West GA  FS 30-06 / 308 / 223 Brass

    Here for final sale is an assortment of USGI 30-06 / 308 Win. / 223 Brass. The 223 is once fired as is the 308. The 30-06 is possibly once fired but more likely twice fired. These prices are just above the local scrap price and will be taken there if not sold. All cases have been inspected for...
  9. North West GA  FS VALKYRIE 224 Reloading Dies/Items

    224 Valkyrie reloading dies and items for sale. I purchased everything I’m selling for a total price of $155.00 not including shipping and tax. I’m selling everything for one total firm price of $ 90.00. If interested text me @ 404-450-7501 (this is the fastest way to get in touch with me to...
  10. North East GA  FS/FT Various Powder for sale or trade

    I have a the following 1lb bottle of powders for sale or trade - $40 each. Shooters World Heavy Pistol (D037-02) H110
  11. Central GA  FS Powder, Primers, Bullets, and Brass Still got some bullets!

    Folks, I still have some .22 and .30 cal bullets remaining. Powder is unopened. 1lb can of Longshot - $30.00 dropped to $25.00 Sold to Guthrie 1lb can of H335 - $30.00 - Sold to Tsquare !lb can of CFE223, 2 ea - $30.00 ea - both Sold to Tsquare Primers. Winchester Large Pistol, 900 ea -...

    Pickup in Dallas is available SMOKLESS POWDER, 1LB Bottles Hodgon Smokeless Powder 16 - LIL Gun , 14 - H110, 9 - BLC-2, 6 - Benchmark, 2 - H322, 1 - CFE BLK, 1 - Superperformance, 1 - Titwad Accurate Smokeless Powder 6 - 1680, 4 - #9, 4 - 2015...
  13. Central GA  FS .556 and .223 brass - Once Fired - 6000 rounds available

    I have 6000 rounds of .556 and 223 brass, once fired, for sale. Various headstamps, but if I had to guess, most is Federal. Will sell any amount you want for ten cents per round. All 6000 is $600 picked up in Warner Robins. Shipping would be extra. Will sell smaller amounts if you don't need...
  14. North West GA  FS Large pistol primer and powder

    Primer 60 a box powder 50 per pound
  15. Metro Atlanta  FS Rock Chucker combo

    Loading equipment and Accesories. Vortex Vibration Shine. 4 sets of dies . Please see pictures.
  16. North East GA  FS Caldwell Premium Reloading Chronograph

    I have a Caldwell chronograph for sale. I accidentally bought 2 and I waited too long to return it. I took it out once to make sure everything works. It has the lights so it can be used in low light and a cable you can hook up to your phone, if you have an earphone jack. You can use the app to...
  17. Metro Atlanta  FS Gas Checks

    Hornady 30cal gas checks 1000 qty - sold Hornady 32cal/8mm gas checks 1000 qty - $35
  18. West GA  FS/FT 350 pcs of 9mm brass -- $15

    Local trades
  19. South East GA  FS/FT 300 BO Reloading Supplies

    Looking to sell off everything I have for 300 Blackout. I would prefer to sell it as a lot. The current market price for the quantities listed is around $725. Asking $550 for all of it. The powder is all in one pound jugs. Only one of each of the H110 and CFE Black have been opened. The weights...

    This Dillon is setup to load 9mm. It was completely serviced by Dillon in November 2020 so it is in excellent working order. Comes with Bullet Tray - Strong Mount - Tool Holder and Wrench - Primer Flip Tray - Low Powder Sensor - Spare Parts Kit - - Primer Tubes ( 3sm. 4Lg )
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