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reloading supplies

  1. North West GA  FS/FT Reloading purge

    Purging all the components or tooling I no longer load for or don’t use. Can ship, the heavier items have been traded/sold! Or meet at cabelas in Acworth. Not looking for anything specific on trade, mostly cash. I’ve priced everything at a massive discount as to avoid the back and forth. If you...
  2. South East GA  FS 200 rounds Brass and Bullets 44M/44S

    200 bullets and 100 44M and 100 44S brass
  3. North West GA  FS Powder and Bullets

    I have 2 lbs of big game powder one is unopened and the other has 10 rounds of 6.8 western loaded. Hornady Eldx 145 grain . 270 90 rounds.
  4. North East GA  FS (8 LBS)Powder & (1000+) Primers (Anderson, SC ONLY) ALL for $120

    Have the pictured smokeless gun powder & primers for sale. Powder has been stored properly. Factory sealed. Will NOT SHIP. Must be picked up in Anderson, SC Cash Only. Midwest Powders MP-405 8 Pounds Full (Says ON LABEL "Work up load data using VV N133 Minus 10%") $80.00 CASH I contacted...
  5. North East GA  FS/FT 454 Casull ammo and reloading supplies

    454 Casull reloading dies Approx: 190 Beartooth 310g. WLNGC .452 hard cast bullets. Approx: 110 new brass Approx: 80 loaded cartridges. Sale: $150 obo Trade: 45-70 ammo and reloading supplies
  6. Central GA  FS Fs/Ft Rare and odd Lyman Grand American,11lb can red dot 1960's

    Lyman Grand American Complete Everything works Made 1 year 12 ga only 1000 made Was a restore job I never got around to $150 12lb barrel Hercules red dot Antique powder 3-4 lbs left $SOLD 478-508-9778
  7. Central GA  FS Fs/Ft Reloading dies 7-08,308,264 win mag,300rum,375hh,30-378

    1.Rcbs #13901 7-08 $30 2.Rcbs #37809 308 xdie Sold 3.Redding Competition seating die 308 sold 4.Rcbs Nk sizer #6 264 win mag $20 5.Rcbs #17601 300 rum $30 6.Rcbs #16901 375 H&H mag SOLD 7.Redding #77547 Bushing type s 30-378 Weatherby $35 478-508-9778
  8. Central GA  FS Lake City .308 (7.62x51mm NATO) Primed Brass Cases - $175 - 500 ct

    Quantities/Years Available Updated 6/20/2024, 4:09 a.m. Cross posted on other forums and selling through quickly. These are from military contract ammunition produced at the Lake City Ammunition plant that was pulled down for components. The primers are Lake City factory placed and may be...
  9. Metro Atlanta  FS 380 Fully Processed Brass

    I have around 10k of 380 fully processed brass available. This came from an indoor range and is mostly once fired. All has been washed, inspected, dry tumbled, sized, swaged and case mouth flared. These are ready to reassemble. Asking $50 per k shipped or $42 per k picked up near me. I am...
  10. Metro Atlanta  FS/FT 5850 .224 projectiles for cell, bonded and some tsx

    2000 nosler 64 grain bonded soft point 2700 speer 62 grain soft point bonded 300 speer 75 grain soft point bonded 350 sierra 65 grain soft point 200 50 grain TSX HP 50 70 grain tsx hp 250 T-3 federal 64 grain-PULLS $1750 for everything as 1 lot. not interested in sailing small lots ie 100 at a...
  11. South East GA  FS/FT MEC 600 JR loader. 12, 20, 28 gauge

    This is a “Pre-85” single stage reloader I picked up at an Estate Sale a few years back. It was set up for 12 gauge so I talked with an Engineer at MEC to spec the die sets for 20ga and 28 ga. You can also purchase .410 setups from MEC. 16 Bushings, most never used. 17 up to 35. 6 single...
  12. Central GA  FS 10mm brass

    I have a bunch of 10mm brass 2,000ct Majority of them are 1x fired mixed in great condition .18 ea
  13. North West GA  FS Small Pistol primers **amount updated**

    Got a batch of Ginex Small Pistol Primers I will never need. Asking $70/k and have 6k available. Not looking to travel on these. Looking to fund a new toy.
  14. North East GA  FT Reloading Brass

    I’ve got a lot of brass I won’t be using. All once fired. See list for specifics, willing to make a deal on multiples. .308 are cleaned and annealed. Ready to reload. .308 WIN Hornady - 51 cases .308 WIN Federal - 83 cases .308 WIN Mixed - 79 cases 30-06 mixed rough - 28 cases .270 WIN mixed...
  15. Metro Atlanta  FS 22-250 Brass (~250rds) and Lee Ultimate Reloading Dies in 22-250, model 90739

    I acquired a 22-250 that had brass and a set of Lee Ultimate Reloading Dies come with it. I don't reload, so I am putting this out here to see if someone needs it. Here is the breakdown: 151 rounds of miscellaneous manufacturer brass with expired primer still intact. 36 rounds of Winchester...
  16. North West GA  FS/FT .220 swift new Remington brass

    I have 100 pieces of .220 swift of new brass up for trade or possible sale . Looking for other reloading supplies . Would trade on 6creed ,6.5creed, 7-mm-08, 7mag and .243 brass . I would trade up or down on scopes and guns with cash on either side of the deal or make me a cash offer , thanks
  17. North West GA  FS/FT 6.5G loading components

    I have a set of lee Dies, 400+ 123gr AMAX bullets, 50 123gr ELDM bullets, 100 120gr Lapua Scenar-L bullets, 53 pieces of Primed brass and 13 pieces once-fired brass available. Looking to move as a whole package. Can get pictures if needed. Open to Trade offers.
  18. Metro Atlanta  FS MEC Progressive Shotshell Reloader .410

    This is a progressive machine and works just fine. (.410 bore)
  19. North West GA  FS/FT Bullet Mould Handles, Mould, Various Other Old Black Powder Stuff

    Thompson Center bullet mound handles, Hawken .45 caliber round ball mound, patches, target pasters, solid brass adjustable black powder measure and a nipple wrench. All appear to be old. No idea what the wood thing that looks like a honey dipper does. (I'm sure you black powder guys are laughing...
  20. Metro Atlanta  FS Dillon Precision CV-750 tumbler and Walnut media....near new

    I used this tumbler for maybe 8 hours total. Basically new. Have a tub of DP Walnut media included that is 80% full.
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