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Walmart in Thomaston, GA
Warner Robins Walmart


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What is the lowest price per round y'all have seen on .380 & .45 acp…. been shopping online recently wondering if buying 1000 rounds with free shipping may be the most economical way to buy… seems the stores around me are still about $.70/rnd for .45 acp

There's nothing better than getting paid to look out the window....

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.34/rnd psa free shipping 50.00 rebate 10 20rnd box's 185gr hp
I run an Amazon FBA business and hit up several Walmarts every week and always check the ammo section and you will never seen .410 shells there. But when you sell them on ODT people complain about the price. I mean you will save so much gas just buying them on ODT or ammoseek vs trying to find them in store.
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