Item Relisted! FS Benelli m4 H20 Titanium Cerakote 12 ga Factory new in box. Lowest price anywhere...


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May 5, 2020
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young Harris ga
If all you are looking for is an absolute steal, this is not it, but if you are actually looking for this particular weapon, you will not find a better price anywhere period. Taking inconsideration registration, fees, taxes or shipping. Show me a better deal and I will beat it. This Benelli is factory new and when I say new I mean I have not even pulled the charging handle back and it has never had a round put in tube. Purchased it, dealer assembled it and all tags are still on. Tore rotator cuff several days later and now it is tough to hold and I certainly could not take the recoil on that shoulder even though the M4 has reduced recoil. I now have and use a circuit rider judger .410 and it is manageable. My M4 has box, books and all that comes with a new M4. Here is the ultimate shotgun for defense, hunting, reliability, ruggedness, low recoil, self cleaning, rust proof, scratch resistance and much more. For years the US Marines have had these amazing weapons and now all US branches have some. To purchase this fine piece you will have to be able to legally own a long gun, but there is no paperwork as I was a collector, no tax, and no shipping since you can come and get the firearm. You will have to drive about 2 hours north of Atlanta. You will also have to pay 1875 with no discount period since this is an extremely fair price when you must consider what you save. (below retail and discounted prices for new, no tax, no shipping, no paperwork or transfer fee, save at minimum 200.00 and as much as 400) Equivalent to purchasing a new titanium M4 Beretta for a little over 1700.00


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