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Item Relisted! FS/FT Hellcat Package


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Jul 1, 2019
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Dallas, GA
Up for today's wonderful viewing pleasure is a Hellcat OSP in FDE variation. It currently has the Apex trigger installed. The factory trigger will come with it. The package includes 3 - 13 round, 2 - 10 round, and 1 - 15 round magazine, along with 2 right handed IWB holsters. It’ll also come with the soft case and box/docs. I’d have to say about 200-250 round through it. It was my carry piece before I switched to the Pro model, so there is a little bit of holster wear, shown in the photos.

All this can be yours for the sweet price of $750.
$475 for the base firearm (1-11 and 1-13 round magazine), $40 for the 15 round, $30 for the 11 round, $40 a piece for the two 13 round, $60 for both holsters, and $65 for the Apex trigger.

Im not too sure about trades, as I’m mainly looking to sell it. AR-9 style pistol/rifle or an AR-10 is all I’ve mainly been looking for or thinking about as my next possible purchases. Doesn’t mean I couldn’t be persuaded into something, would mainly prefer cash over all though. If it’s something interesting, I could possibly throw another firearm or some cash to even out the trade.

As always, be able to legally own this if you’re reaching out to me. Thanks and have a great weekend!


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