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Item Relisted! FS/FT Vero Neuron Bacon Damascus


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Dec 31, 2011
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Just selling some items I don't use.
Can meet in person at Adventure Outdoors / Smyrna area or ship for same price.
Discrete Friends & Family Paypal or Zelle only if shipped or cash in person.

Vero Neuron with Titanium frame, Bacon Damascus Blade, Timascus Clip
Bought this direct from Vero. Just too small for my hands. While its beautiful I don't like keeping things around that I won't use. Never pocketed or used. Looking to get what I paid. Comes in box with sticker, patch, candy, and wipe as it came from Vero.

Sale Value - $580



Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/12cylxxwd83gb1u/Video Oct 23 2022, 12 06 26 AM.mov?dl=0

In person Trade Ideas - Partials with cash up/down as needed. Not interested in random other things. Trades would have to be the below or something very close for me to be interested.

Eotech EXPS3-0, g33 magnifiers, Trijicon SRO 5moa, RMR06, Leupold DPP w/ NV FDE, Garmin A1i, Aimpoint ACRO P2, Holosun 507/509 w/ Red ACSS Vulcan
JP Sidecharger Upper, Bushmaster 450 Bushmaster with Huntsville stamped lower
AK74 Russian Bakelites in Good / Excellent Condition, Hudson H9 mags
Radian or Forward Controls Design Bolt Carriers
Labradar Chrono

Holt Haptic, Hinderer Full track/Eklipse/XM-18 Stonewash lockside Harpoon Spanto, XM-24 Vintage, BFPUs, Demko AD20(or S) Textured Titanium, Medford Marauder (or H) Predator, Medford Praetorian T or Ti Predator, MonkeyEdge Frag XM18/Medfords, Vero Isotope Full Dress Timascus, Skiff Accomplice, Strider SNG / SMF GG / DGG Tanto, Hoback Kwaiback (CF or Agent), Chris Reeve Inkosi CarbonFiber Inlays, Sebenza Wood inlay ladder damascus, Wilson Combat Zaan, Protech Operator TR2 / Invictus PDW, Oz Machine Roosevelt, Koenig Arius Blue Twill, Grimsmo Norseman/Rask Blue, Reate J.A.C.K 1.5 Timascus, CKF EVO 1.0 or 3.0, Apurvis Primordial MK3, SBD Apex Timascus, Full Size Typhoon Harpoon Tanto

High End Allocated Bourbons / American Whisky
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