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Item Relisted! FT PSA Ar10(308) setup


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Apr 18, 2012
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So i thought it woild be cool but i really don’t have any use for it. I set it up for hunting but would rather go back to a nice bolt action.
Its a PSA AR10(Gen2) with diamondback stainless 18” fluted barrel and vortex crossfire ll 4-12x40 setting in a one piece vortex mount. Also has a CMC curved trigger. I got the gun as a complete AR10 setup from PSA but it had a 20” heavy barrel and again i was thinking about hunting with it and it was to heavy so i ordered the barrel it has on it now and had cmshoot cmshoot at trueprep assemble the new barrel in the upper. Its dialed in perfect at 100yrds right now. I’ve shot about 2 boxes through it. I also have a few mags for it but would have to dig them out of the safe to get a exact count.
Wanting to trade for a wood stock bolt action in 308 but open to other calibers. Remington,Ruger,Winchester,Browning around $1000 mark. Mainly looking to trade at the moment and with my work schedule your gonna have to be patient with me unless you come to me


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