Item Relisted! FT Same batch HK P7s


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Dec 8, 2011
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I have a pair of Hk p7 PSP, they are less than 100 guns apart but 2 finishes.
First one is a factory plum Hk p7 that came grade A from HK, comes with everything a p7 comes with expect for box sleeve. This gun is in pristine condition. I am giving the finish about 95-97 percent and has barely any signs of being fired. I have personally never fired it and the last owner said the same thing.
The second p7 is in great condition for the age I would give it about a 85 percent condition, I have ran 50 rounds through this one and cleaned it meticulously. Comes with 2 mags and box only. It is a good collector and shooter combo. Going to be very picky on trades, can add or take cash with the following
Kac sr25
Hk 417 or parts kit not Mr762
Spas 12
Gold Desert Eagle in 50 AE
Custom or Vintage Microtech knives ( No signature or models post 2017)
Nice wheel guns in 357, 44 magnum, 500 magnum.
HK 91 no clones
B&T P26, KH9, Tp380
Fn Fs2000
Open to trades including nfa items, but if I can find it regularly at a store I probably don’t want it.


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