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  1. Item Gone: FS Two New FN SCAR magazines (black)

    This item has been relisted. The new listing can be found at
  2. Item Gone: FS Two New FN SCAR magazines (black)

    Item Name: Item Gone: FS Two New FN SCAR magazines (black) Location: Johns Creek Zip Code: 30022 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: $50 each Caliber: .308 / 7.62x51 Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Item Name: FS Two New FN SCAR magazines (black) Location...
  3. FS Tavor 7 Never Fired

    I have not logged on in weeks and this is a pleasant surprise!
  4. Best soft sell I've seen in a while...

    Looking at a house on some acreage and these are some of the pics they sent me...
  5. new S&W 12 gauge bullpup shotgun.

    I'll stick with my Tavor TS-12 because it's "full semi auto" but I'm always glad to see makers introducing new stuff.
  6. Any pipe smokers here? Just started

    Take it slow and easy. Most people start with a cheap pipe and tobacco and roast their tongue (called tongue bite) and then say they hate pipes. Sort of like buying a cheap cigar and concluding they don't like cigars. Be prepared to do a lot of relights and don't try to stoke the bowl by puffing...
  7. Gods speed to an ODT’er

    So sorry for your loss.
  8. FS/FT Sako 75 Hunter, Walnut, .270 Win cal.

    Gorgeous rifle

    My favorite Bobby Bowden story is when his QB was throwing horribly and kept getting picked off. He pulled him over to the sidelines and had a chat with him. When asked later what was said his answer was "Son if you'll just tell us which defender you plan to throw to, we'll try to intercept...
  10. C'mon man! Follow the science!

  11. SEC expansion

  12. FS IWI Galil ACE 16” inch Barrel 7.62x51 NATO/.308 Winchester

    Great gun, great price, great seller. Won't last long.
  13. Item Gone: FS/FT ***SPM*** Aero AR-10

  14. Another "journalist" visits a gun range

    I can't see that thread - not sure why. If a duplicate my apologies.
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