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  1. A must read for Deer Hunters

    I'm fortunate to have a good processor that is very close to our property and always seems to have room no matter how busy they get. Said they were expecting up to 100 deer during final weekend of season.
  2. Trading In At Bass Pro

    Would not recommend trading a gun in to a store anywhere. Unless you just don't care about what they give you for it.
  3. 1-9 Hunt

    Missed a decent size buck twice and a doe once. No idea how. Less than 100 yds. Which means instead of the minimum 2 deer I needed for the freezer I only got 1 all season. I just shot it Thursday in the exact same spot with the same rifle. Somehow between Thursday and today something must have...
  4. 1-9 Hunt

    Back out for one last shot at it. Only deer that might get a pass this afternoon is a button buck. Wish it wasn't so dang hot! 72 is ridiculous for last day of deer season.
  5. 1-9 Hunt

    Been in the stand since 6:25, saw a young 6 point right after daylight and a yearling. Probably should have shot the buck since I still need meat, but couldn't bring myself to do it. I hate shooting small deer. Odd that I haven't seen anything else yet. Unusually slow this morning after seeing...
  6. 1/8 Hunt

    Saw 14, was just getting scope settled on a nice doe, when she took off running for no obvious reason. :frusty:
  7. 1/8 Hunt

    Switched stands and saw 4 does, 2 buttons, and a small 5 point so far.
  8. 1/8 Hunt

    May have ruined my morning already. Got out the truck a bit later than I should have. Caught a glimpse of a decent buck before he slipped back in the woods on the way to my stand. Then spooked the other 11-12 deer in the pecan orchard. Feeling a little stupid at the moment.
  9. Favorite 1911 under $1k

    Under $1000? Fusion. Over $1000? Dan Wesson. I won't own anything Kimber, Colt, or Springfield.
  10. 1/8 Hunt

    Finally shot a doe Thursday evening for first deer of season. Need to get at least one more today or tomorrow.
  11. Late Season Buck

    Thats awesome. Im hoping for a bit of late season luck too. Still havent harvested a deer yet this season.
  12. Kirby sheats the bed again

    Why? Is it really so inconceivable that they conspired to ensure both teams made the playoffs? And give an SEC player a better chance of getting the Heisman? Conferences share money between member schools. CFB is a business first and foremost. What is going to bring in more money and more...
  13. Dream cars

  14. Kirby sheats the bed again

    The funny thing is none of you seem to realize that UGA losing that game was the plan all along. Bama aint been that good all year and UGA aint been that bad all year. Its not a coincidence.

    SEC Championship went the way it was planned. The SEC gets to bring home another Heisman and gets both teams in the playoffs. If Bama lost that game, even by one point, neither of those things are very likely. Expect a much different game when they play for the NC. Assuming it doesnt get...
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