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  1. Item Relisted! FS/FT FS/FT Sig p365

    PM sent
  2. Item Relisted! FS TRADE ONLY Sig GSR RCS Custom Shop.

    RCS is the best pistol I have ever owned. If you like the trigger on a 1911 you will not be Disappointed in the RCS
  3. Item Relisted! FT Ruger MK4 22/45 LITE

    Pm sent
  4. Item Gone: FS 100% of sale go to Hope Lodge Atlanta. 9mm 158gr Fiocchi

    Hey overdfl, send me your PayPal. My wife beat leukemia, and my sister in law beat breast cancer. I’d like to help with your cause
  5. Item Gone: FS Ruger Mark IV 5.5” Stainless Steel Target w/Hogue grips & holster Like New!

    Where did the link go for the donation to hope lodging, have I lost my mind I just saw it before dinner
  6. Item Gone: FS Euroarms 1858 New Model Army Replica .44 Cal.

    Thank you for the quick reply, i appreciate it. I will get back to you later this afternoon/evening with a text.
  7. Item Gone: FS Black powder pistols

    Thank you for the quick reply, i appreciate it. From what I can tell, t looks like one is a navy (i only say that from my very little experience, Navy used an octagonal barrel) and the other two are Army, maybe 1860 replicas. Just to confirm, there is no powder, or balls, jsut the scabbard...
  8. Item Gone: FS Euroarms 1858 New Model Army Replica .44 Cal.

    Hey FireLT, nice looking pistol, have you fired it at all? I am considering getting a cap and ball pistol to shoot for fun, but don't know much at all about them
  9. Item Gone: FS Black powder pistols

    Can you tell me what models the .44 cal pistols are? They look to be steel framed, but want to confirm. Also have you fired either of them?
  10. Custom 1911 grips

    Thanks BuzzGrizz, Antler grips aren't the direction i had in mind, but appreciate the suggestion
  11. Custom 1911 grips

    Thanks Blip, those are good looking grips, but i was looking for a grip that has the US Army Aviation insignia on it, can you either make a grip with the insignia etched in the wood, or put the actual insignia on the grip so that it is set in the wood?
  12. Custom 1911 grips

    Thanks for moving this, i wasn't sure where to post it, whoever moved it, it is much appreciated
  13. Custom 1911 grips

    Hey ODT, do any of you know where I can go to have a set of custom 1911 grips made. I have looked online but can't find what I am looking for and don't know of any custom shops to go to for what I need. Thanks for the help.
  14. Item Gone: FS Glock 44

    I've heard good things about this Glock, does it come with any ammo?
  15. Item Gone: FS GSG STAINLESS 1911 22LR with exras

    private message sent
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