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  1. What inspired you to like the guns you like?

    Growing up in New Mexico. Seems like EVERYONE open carried. Always revolvers and always nice, quality stuff. Even if their truck was a junker, their pistol and holster was quality. Then I went to Iraq. And I learned the less it weighs the better. No need for “tacticool” nonsense. So I’m in...
  2. Pistols to be reclassified as AOWs per military arms channel FB page

    GOOOOO VOOOOOTTTTEEE!!!!!!!!! Maybe he can address this during his second term. HOWEVER, we all remember bump stocks.... still our best hope though.
  3. Needing a Gun Smith please help

    That’s just a few minutes drive for me. I’ll give them a call as well. Thanks.
  4. Needing a Gun Smith please help

    Larry Archer He has built 2 for me . Great guy. I also shoot with him. Tell him Ben sent you. Swainsboro Ga 478 455 4519 Thanks Ben.
  5. Needing a Gun Smith please help

    Thanks Guys. I’ll be giving these smiths a call.
  6. Needing a Gun Smith please help

    Wow I knew You guys would come through. Just posted this thread and all ready 3 solid suggestions. I’m located in Perry GA. I Should have been more specific.
  7. Needing a Gun Smith please help

    Hey Guys I’m in need of a smith that can glass bed, free float a barrel, polish and jewel a bolt. This is on a 93 Mauser build chambered in 35 Rem. I bought this rifle from a fellow odt’er and he told me it would need to be glass bed. All the “Gunsmiths” around me “specialize” in AR 15’s. I’m...
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