1. THE !BEST! on YouTube musy see

    Like a variety of U.S. History. The truth behind conspiracy? Smart people that don't make you feel stupid??? CHECK THIS CHANNEL OUT!! AMERICA'S UNTOLD STORIES with Eric Hunley and the always entertaining Mark Groubert!
  2. $150 Giveaway - @triptones winner

    I am doing a giveaway to celebrate launching my full online gun store , www.GunBrand.Com I am giving away a $150 gift card to spend on my website( no minimum purchase necessary) .. ammo, magazines , parts , holsters , guns , pistols , rifles, apparel, optics , thermals everything! I am still...
  3. SAR9 Pistol giveaway (nominate someone to win it)

    This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, and I will see how this goes and then see if it’s worth doing again. I am fixing to do a video on my YouTube channel comparing the SAR9 pistol ($250) to the Glock 19X ($600) and I want to giveaway the SAR9 pistol to someone interested...
  4. @blazedawg87 winner | blackout watch giveaway (winner chosen friday)

    I have a brand new luminox watch black out Model up for grabs valued at around $250 to celebrate finally following my passions and launching my first gun video on YouTube. Rules to enter You must be subscribed to the GunBrand YouTube channel to help me push to 100 subs ( if you don’t have an...
  5. WInner @slim FDE OTF Knife & odt sticker giveaway open to all (winner picked Friday)

    Congrats @SLIM In anticipation of me creating my new project , GunBrand, I am giving away a lakepoint outdoors otf fde knife and an odt sticker.. I will be making videos at my outdoor range in Cartersvile showing different guns. I just got most of my gear and will be posting soon. My goal is to...
  6. @hayata winner | Happy thanksgiving 9MM giveaway open to all

    I am thankful for all of the incredible people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and knowing on here… you fellas are some of the finest men I’ve met. one box of CCI blazer ammo 50 rounds , picked up or shipped on my dime winner drawn tomorrow at 12:00 everyone gets 1 entry also a big thank...
  7. -----

  8. (3) outdoors trader sticker giveaway

    Anyone can enter , as many times as you would like. top 3 random numbers drawn will win one sticker each. winner picked tomorrow morning
  9. @HAYATA WINS\ $100 cabellas gift card giveaway open to all

    Well I am getting married today, feeling blessed! Drawing before I fly out for the honeymoon tomorrow. Everyone gets one! Supporters get two Follow my new real estate Instagram for one more Joe Smith Georgia Properties™
  10. Pine Wood Chunks/Tree Pieces/Camp Wood

    I have some large, medium and small pieces of pine wood for FREE! You will need a way to haul and load them may even need a way to cut some. All would be great for fire or whatever you want them for. Even have some whole tree's down to brush end pieces some or green and some or seasoned. If...
  11. Gone

    Located in cartersville
  12. Happy Easter giveaway - @gak9 winner

    Prefer to meet local for exchange around Acworth - cartersville but will ship Everyone can enter once Supporters +1 LEO MIL +1 If we have done deal +1 Drawing tomorrow morning Also , a big thank you to everyone who has given me an opportunity to serve you in real estate.. I am extremely...
  13. ODT Sticker giveaway

    Everyone gets 1 Supporters +1 Ems / law enforcement military +1 Drawing tonight at 10 pm Mailed to you
  14. Gone

    I’ll be in cartersville tonight at around 5:30 or 7:00 to meet I got 2 boxes of 22 to giveaway and 2 boxes of 556 to give away One box per person Pm me if you need a box to shoot
  15. $50 Amazon gift card and (2) 30 round pmag shipped to you giveaway - open to any1

    please read before entering Doing a friend plug - if you haven’t taken advantage of the refinance boom and want to secure a historical low rate - a friend of mine is a lender with supreme lending in GA. Darren is a member on here, I use him for all my loans, and is a great trustable guy. He...
  16. Giveaway - 30 round window pmag filled with green tip - @caleb Patterson winner

    Spring is approaching fast, if you are considering buying / selling your house please consider using me as your Realtor. I am one of the site sponsors, and I will give you a 1.5% discount on the listing side ( which is 50% off what I usually charge. Meet face to face for giveaway winnings...
  17. *GONE* Hand gun carousel

    Don't really have a use for it anymore, so hoping it can find a new home. Has slots for 9 handguns. Can meet in Dallas/Hiram area...120 has lots of good places to meet up.
  18. Giveaway- Mission first tactical 30 round mag and 20 rounds 556

    Winner drawn on Sunday night at 6 pm everyone gets 1 Supporters 2 LEO/military 3 Prefer to pick up in Acworth, cabelas , face to face. But will ship to you if you aren’t local Please keep me in mind for all your real estate needs in 2021, I am a site sponsor and using me helps fund the site.
  19. 777 is a Great Number Give Away.

    24 hour give away.. Everyone who is a Supporter gets 1 drop in the hat. Choice of 1 box of: 30/30, 44 Mag, 3006, 7.62x39, 9mm, 17 HMR, 22 Mag or maybe what you can't find that I have. :) Have a blessed day.. In the Bible, this number is represented as the symbol of perfection and...
  20. Deer Season Giveaways

    I intended to do a 750 Positive post giveaway but things got away from me and I missed it. Things just happen. :) So let's celebrate the beginning of gun season for deer. I rarely hunt opening weekend but plan to hit the deer woods this weekend. How about a 3 item multiple: At the...
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