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  1. Central GA  FS/FT Yugo M24/47 Mauser

    Yugo M24/47 Mauser all matching plus sling
  2. Central GA  FS/FT Mossberg 44US

    Mossberg M44US Priperty Marked, cmp sale. No papers. Very accurate. S-100 sight
  3. Central GA  FS/FT Type 38 School Rifle (Not trainer)

    Type 38 School rifle. This is NOT a trainer. This is a full functioning type 38 that I have shot 6.5 jap through. Mismatched parts. Has real type 38 dust cover. +$180 Bayonet is additional.
  4. Central GA  FS/FT M.95 Budapest with Ammo *reduced final*

    M.95 Budapest with 244 rds of 8x56r, almost all Nazi marked. All on clips with 1 extra. Clips are mix of German and hungarian markings.
  5. Metro Atlanta  FS/FT Ultra-Rare Italian 1882 Carabinieri Carbine, 6.5 Carcano w/ Bayonet

    Up for sale or trade is a Modelo 1882 Carabinieri contract Vetterli Carbine. This unique configuration was part of a 500 rifle contract for single shot carbines for the Italian State Police. Many were converted for 6.5 Carcano smokeless by the arsenal at Brescia for WW1 usage. This particular...
  6. Metro Atlanta  FS/FT 1871 Dutch Beaumont Rifle M1871/79

    M1871/79 Dutch Beaumont Infantry Rifle. Chambered in 11x52mmR or 43 Dutch. Buffalo Arms advertises that they load for the round, but they are pricy! Only noticeable items, the tip of the cleaning rod shows some rust. And the rear sling swivel is tight and don’t like to move easily. Other than...
  7. North East GA  FS Yugo m66/59

    All matching numbers yugo m66/59 Sks with bayonet. No major dings/cracks on the stocks. Kept in a climate controlled safe and shot very little. I also have a spare cnc warrior stainless gas valve as they are known to break. Still have the stock one in the rifle and it shoots fine. Just a...
  8. North West GA  FS/FT M1 Carbine 1943 Standard Products with shipping box and papers

    This Carbine was originally issued to the US military in 1943. It was later reworked at the Red River Arsenal in Texas. This gun comes with its original Red River shipping box and several original and photocopied forms from the arsenal (see photos). It was at the arsenal that the bayonet lug and...
  9. Central GA  FS/FT Isreali Mauser bnz 1942 package *reduced*

    Isreali Mauser in .308W. Receiver is a 1942 bnz. Bayonet is S/172. Everything has IDF usage markings throughout. Sling is isreali marked. Isreali made stock. Comes with a box of isreali training rounds. This is not the common Czech made isreali mausers, this is a ww2 german k98k that isreal...
  10. Central GA  FS/FT Type 99 Nagoya complete (mismatch)

    Nagoya Type 99 with all original parts except sling. Receiver and bayonet lug are matching. Everything else is mismatched but original ww2 parts. Monopod, aa sights, cleaning rod, intact mum. Great bore. Open to anything, will travel for good deal.
  11. North West GA  FS M1carbine 1943 Quality Hardware

    I have for sale a 1943 Quality Hardware M1 carbine. Rifle is in great overall shape with a 1943 rock ola barrel with nice bright bore. I can take additional pictures or videos upon request Comes with one 15rnd mag and 100rnds of ppu soft point .30 carbine ammunition Thanks for looking...
  12. Item Gone: FS/FT .

  13. North West GA  FS Nagoya 7th series rarer variant type 99 Arisaka

    Up for sale only is a Nagoya 7th series variant all matching numbers minus the mum…no finger grooves, no cleaning rod, rough weld style safety, early front sight and rear ladder sight with thin metal buttplate and cylindrical style bolt handle....this is one of the rarer variants, especially the...
  14. Central GA  FS/FT Yugo capture K98 & bayonet

    Yugoslavian captured K98K. I think that's what this is, if you have more information than that please feel free to share in this thread. Pictures tell the story as far as what more I know about it. Serious buyers feel free to request any additional or specific info. I have another milsurp...
  15. Central GA  FS/FT STEYR M.95

    Pictures tell the story. I have another milsurp listed here I'd love to do a package deal on, either in trade or cash https://www.theoutdoorstrader.com/threads/fs-ft-yugo-capture-k98-bayonet.3389342/ Will only meet in Upson county GA or will split the shipping cost with you.
  16. North East GA  FS SKS-M

    I have a seldomly seen SKS-M, this rifle is dated 1993 and has a factory paratrooper length barrel and accepts standard AK magazines. It will come with a replacement dust cover (pictured on the rifle) and the original Chinese Arsenal 416 scope mount cover. Leather sling and original 5 round...
  17. North East GA  FS Polytech Double Folder pre-ban

    I have a used Polytech Mod-AKS-7.62 Arsenal /416\ . I believe the production date is 1985 based on the S/N. Will come with one Chinese flatback magazine and four boxes of “preban” ammo (1984 Armco imported 7.62x39) I do not have the original furniture unfortunately. The handguards/ gas-tube...

    What we have listed here is a sporterized Mosin, it is not counterboard, it does not have matching numbers, the barrel has been duracoated, the internals have been thoroughly cleaned and springs replaced, proper firing pin everything as it should. PRICE HAS BEED DROPPED. The stock has been...
  19. North West GA  FS *** PRICE DROP** FS Spanish Oviedo Model 1916 Short Rifle Mauser, numbers matching...

    ***PRICE DROP*** FOR SALE - Spanish Oviedo Model 1916 Short Rifle Mauser, numbers matching on receiver, bolt and magazine floor-plate Originally chambered in 7mm Mauser (7x57), converted to 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Winchester) sometime during the 1950's. $500. No trades. Will not ship. Will not travel...
  20. North West GA  FS Gew71

    Here we have a gewehr 1871 This is from the Danzig arsenal Fully functional! Feel free to ask any questions I’ll do my best to answer!
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