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  1. West GA  FS/FT Price Drop 1908 Pattern 7x57 Large Ring Mauser German Production

    Up for trade is a German production 1908 pattern, large ring, 7x57 Mauser with a good shooting bore. The bolt handle has been turned down. Trade items of interest are modern hunting rifles, .22 target rifles, or a progressive press. A set of dies and some brass are included in the trade. The...
  2. Metro Atlanta  FS Inland M1 Carbine

    Inland M1 Carbine 90% like it came from the factory. Made in 1942 with an Inland 15 rd mag. Text me at four 04-two74-two290
  3. South East GA  FS Mosin Nagant M38 carbine and Ammo * FINAL price drop*

    Selling my M38 Mosin Nagant carbine, 1943 mfg date. Will come with 50 rounds of ammo, not looking for trades at this time. *** by responding to this ad you attest to being a lawful GA resident who is not prohibited from owning a firearm ***
  4. North East GA  FS/FT M44 Mosin

    M44 Mosin Nagant (the short urban warfare version). Everything works. I even have the bayonet for it. Very small screw hole on underside of stock (it had a tac bipod on it when I got it ((not even joking)).) Nice rifle. 7.62x54r

    Here is a model 1870 in original condition with the cleaning rod and all the barrel bands. The gun is a true survivor looks to be a complete great example of a Model1870 . The gun even has the sling mounts and rear sight. The firearms was converted from a springfield model 1863 starting .58...
  6. Item Gone: FS SPM National Postal Meter M1 Carbine

    Selling my M1 Carbine, need cash, no trades. I don't see an import mark. The rear sight is the 1st model Leaf or Flip L-Type Sight. The trigger group is the 1st model (Type 1). The stock is marked SG making it a Saginaw stock. The stock is stamped RIA/EB for a Rock Island Armory rebuild and...
  7. North West GA  FS Springfield Model 1903 w/ C stock $850

    Up for sale is my Springfield 1903 configured like an A1 serial number ranges in Mid 1920s so this is considered a “high number” receiver. The Barrel is High Standard and it is very clean and sharp. The stock has seen some repairs by the previous owner mainly near the rear tang. The stock was...
  8. North West GA  FS/FT SKS & mosin nagant *REDUCED*

    Alright guys cleaning out some of my surplus guns & these two made the cut. First is probably one of the nicest numbers matching Norinco type 56 SKS rifles you will find. Has the bayonet cleaning rod & kit with it. Has fired 200ish rounds of ammo Second is a sporterized mosin nagant that is a...
  9. West GA  FS/FT M1847 Musketoon

    Rare artillery model of the M1847 Musketoon. The 1847 is the carbine version of the m1841 Mississippi rifles. A .69 caliber smooth bore, the rifle had 3 variations, calvary, artillery, and sapper. Only a handful of all variations were made, with the calvary model being the most common. This...
  10. West GA  FT Cetme C build to trade looking for Milsurp weapons, M1 Garand receiver, Ect.

    Cetme C parts kit to build this rifle I have the receiver, barrel, and mag and other parts as pictured just not the skill and other machinery to take on this project. Looking for trade looking for M1 Garand receiver first, milsurp weapons, ect. Let me know what you have. + or - cash
  11. North East GA  FS 14.5 pinned Colt M4 upper

    colt m4a1 upper, on PSA lower with DD parts kit. M4A1 side sling swivel Mil-spec M4 RAS Adapter rail with covers Mil Spec rear BUIS from Matech / Picatinny Engineering branded No trades you will be ignored
  12. Central GA  FS/FT Finnish Mosin-Nagant 91/30, Tikkakoski (Tikka) 1941

    Finnish Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30, Tikkakoski (Tikka) Armory Works. Hex receiver, 1941, bolt, receiver and floorplate all matching numbers. Has a bayonet and wiping rod. The bad is a crack at the buttstock on left side (see photo). In case you have to ask it is in 7.62x54R. Asking $700.00...
  13. Item Gone: FS/FT Enfield No4 Mk2

    Howdy All! Up today is an Enfield No4 Mk2. September of 49 Fazakerley. Rifle has both the South African U, and the Republic of South Africa U with M. So in service with South Africa when part of the Commonwealth and after independence. Deep rifling and great bore. I bought this a little while...
  14. Metro Atlanta  FS SOLD PENDING MEET WWII Springfield M1 Garand CMP Service Grade w original 11-44 barrel

    Authentic U.S. Government rifle that has been inspected, headspaced and test fired for function. Barrel Condition: Muzzle Erosion 1+ and Throat Erosion 1+ low wear barrel, great shooter Clean bore and strong rifling. Shoots nice tight groups. Black finish that looks brand new, probably Greek...
  15. South West GA  FS/FT Mosin Nagant M91/30 w/ bayonet

    Forced matching m91/30 w/ bayonet. Average condition. Izhevsk barrel, no noticeable stock cartouches.
  16. Central GA  FS 303 British Enfield Sporterized

    Comes with magazine, and 4 rounds (all the ammo I've got for it)
  17. Metro Atlanta  FS K98 Nazi WWII Mauser.

    Everything works as it should.
  18. Metro Atlanta  FS Springfield 1903A4 clone+ammunition

    Very good condition made by Rock Ridge Machine works new criterion barrel, scope is Hi Lux M82 clone 600 rounds 30/06 Creedmore 167 gr Scenar BTHP Match ammunition Lapua case NO TRADES
  19. Item Relisted! FS/FT M44 Mosin

    M44 Mosin Nagant (the short urban warfare version). Everything works. I even have the bayonet for it. Very small screw hole on underside of stock (it had a tac bipod on it when I got it ((not even joking)).) Nice rifle. 7.62x54r

    I have a 1943 Russian Mosin Nagant. Serial numbers are not matching. Shot it a couple of times and it’s a ton of fun. It ROCKS steel plates and produces a comically large fireball. Very fun larping gun! The bayonet is EXTREMELY tight. You'll probably want to file it to make it looser. (Don’t...
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