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82 Years Ago A Day that will live in Infamy


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Sep 12, 2016
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North GA Mtns

I was there for the 60th anniversary and got to talk to many Vets from that day.
I've taken lots of great trips/vacations over the years but that one was real special.
I can't imagine there are many left who survived that day.
I have never been but hope to visit one day. I think their are only 2-3 survivors left and I hope they will still be remembered when they are gone.
My Dad's birthday. He turned 21 that day. He fought in Europe and got the Purple Heart. Greatest Generation. Sadly he passed in 1991.
Yes they were. Sadly there are only a few left and they will all be gone in a few years. My friend’s Dad landed on Iwo Jima with the 5th Marines and is still alive.
My grandfather (from N.Ga) was in the Merrills Marauders, fought in China/India/Burma. He passed in 1997 when I was a child. Wish I could talk to him again. He never told me this story but he told my father his first encounter with a Japanese soldier he used a bolt action 1903 with a rifle grenade and got him that way.

My other grandfather was stantioned in the Aleutian Islands. They actually sent some German POW's up there to help work under him. He said the only Jap he saw up there the entire time was frozen to death.
Just one left from the Arizona. Visited as a kid. Too young to understand it all but when we were on the memorial peering into the water and seeing it, it hit like a brick. People were extremely quiet and somber. Very surreal.

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