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CZ Shadow 2 cajunized VS Cz shadow 2 stock | CGW pro kit worth it? Video review

I kind of expected some weights and measures….you know, like before and after trigger pull weight, reset length, slide rack feel, recoil management…..it’s pretty obvious from the video that you’re shooting the booshie cajunized better than the stock, but why? Rhetorical question…Tell us why…
My Shadow 2 is from the CZ Custom Shop, night and day difference from the stock Shadow 2 I had before. Might want to test it against the Cajun one.
MCarbo is good stuff, but not as refined as CGW…
I've got both in my CZ's. If you are getting the entire package with hammer and such CGW is awesome (but a lot more $$). However, for just springs I've been using MCarbo in everything else. Shadow 2, 97b, and PCR all have MCarbo springs. MY 75b Omega has the full CGW kit installed. I haven't played with recoil spring weights to see what that does on the CZ's.
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