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Dillon Super 1050 with Forcht autodrive and bullet feeder.


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Jul 16, 2011
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West Georgia
I’ve been out of reloading for a while and don’t know what equipment is going for. I have a 1050 with Forcht Autodrive and fairly new Mr Bullet feeder that I had installed before starting a new job that took more time than expected. I haven’t looked into components or equipment pricing in a while so I have no idea what the market is like.

Can anyone give me a fair price what I should sell this for? I really don’t even know what I have in it at this point but was hoping some current knowledge was out there.

Selling it with everything except caliber specific dies. The powder measure is new as well as the bullet feeder and feed die. No additional dies included. There’s probably less than a couple hours on the bullet feeder if that even.

I’m in the process of dismantling the shop and turning it into a gym so it looks like it’s all in disarray …because it is.


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I will give you $20 and a pack of crackers. I have cheese on cheese and malt on peanut butter. Final offer.

In all seriousness, I have no clue. Progressive reloading isn't worth it to me. I know it's a lot though. Good luck.
You can figure on $1800 for a used 1050, plus $400 for the used Bullet Feeder. I can't find a price on the Forscht auto-drive conversion, but most Auto-Drives run around $1200 to 2500.
The reloading market is pretty soft these days with inflation and the cost of components. The biggest thing I would recommend is to separate the 1050 from the auto drive and the bullet feeder. Make a package deal but also offer them up separately. I would think that someone just getting into a 1050 might not feel comfortable or see the need for the auto drive, but someone that has had one for a while might be wanting to upgrade.

Can't help on prices but look around reddit reloading parts for sale, ar15.com, and snipers hide for sold prices.
The Forcht drive is going for around $1600 new or that was the last time I checked the price. The 1050 is $2400 new. The bullet feeder is around $500 for one caliber. So total new would be around $4500 that doesn't include any extras.
The Forcht drive is good for pretty much pistol calibers only. You can run 223s on it but they are tough to clear when you have a jam. I know because I have one.
So the market would be limited to someone that would just be running basically pistol rounds.
Resale would probably be in the $3000 range including the bullet feeder, IMO.
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