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Do you have a traditional "savings" account?


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Feb 7, 2013
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MOVE IT! Being an ultra conservative finance guy, I know I have cost myself money over the years, but this is particularly annoying. About a year ago I moved and had various things going on with cash where I just parked a large amount in two different savings accounts at two different banks. As I'm sure we all remember, they were paying a whopping 0.01% interest. The problem is they STILL are paying that. I just moved money at both Banks into relatively short-term (11 month and 15 months) CDs, both getting 5.0 & 5.01%.
Most of you probably aren't as stupid as me though...
I did the same thing, left too much parked in basic savings for two years after selling/buying primary residences. Always been risk averse. Just started moving some around this spring. Not great, but 4-5% is better than .01.
I moved quite a bit into CDs late last year as soon as the interest rates came up and will roll if same or better rates at term.
Prior to that I recall CD rates being **** so I didn't want to tie my money up for such low interest so I too kept it safe and available in savings but with very little interest.
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