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fellow hunters: begging at this point, willing to pay finders fee


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Sep 13, 2020
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Holly Springs, GA
As if covid hadn't already done enough, The Chinese virus has come and screwed me out of my resident state and rear ended me upside down on what I planned to be another great hunting season. I recently had to make a mandatory work relocation move in middle August from North Florida to the Holly Springs, GA area. In doing this I gave up spots I held on quality properties in Madison County FL, and Quincy FL for years and years.

I've been here for two weeks now and once settled in I pretty much came to the conclusion my only options were going to be Pub land, basically the Chattahootchee forest. Although I have heard its a good place to go put in some time, I have a serious addiction to big horns and my concern is that I'm not going to be able to fix addiction with the time I still need to put in on the ground, and the dates set for the forest.

This is my last ditch effort to see if anyone has any properties, leases or any leads on properties or leases basically anywhere in the state of Georgia at this point. Preferably within at least 2 hours of where i currently am, but like I said, I'm kind of an addict so if its at least within the state, I'm willing to give it the thought.

Willing to fork out a pretty penny. (last year both my leases were over 2.5k so your price wont offend me) Bow only would be nice as a possibility but even I will sometimes like to have the long gun with me in case its needed during that particular week. Trying not to be picky given the situation I'm in but prefer strict rules and no happy fingers. If If there is anything anyone knows about, Id be willing to send a finders fee your way, and thanks in advance
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