FS/FT various odd ammo that needs a new home. Rifle , pistol, shotgun calibers inside


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Aug 24, 2011
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Newnan and west Ga.
1. 22-250 , 1ea 40 round box of Winchester 45 grain JHP (box is ugly) 11 rounds of Federal Premium 55 grain BTHP .51 rounds total SOLD

2. .25 acp 50 round boxes of older Blazer case 50 grain FMJ All sold

3. .380 1 full box of Blazer aluminum cased 88 grain JHP 50 rounds and a partial box 36 rounds of PMC 90 grain FMJ 86 rounds total $50

4. .GONE

5. 45 Long Colt GONE

6. 12 gauge, Remington 3 inch SPbbx1 steel duplex loads 1 box of 10 rounds $8

7. .410 Winchester #4 high brass game loads 23 rounds, 000 Buckshot 3 pellet 16 rounds 39 rounds total. $40

8. 7.62x39 Norinco Chinese steel core in 20 round paper wrapped bundles of commie goodness. Corrosive and steel core. I sectioned a round in the mill to verify. $14 ea

9. 8mm Mauser Egyptian military surplus. I am sure it is corrosive. bags of 50 rounds $25 a bag

10. Remington Thunderbolt .22 350 round boxes $20 ea

This is my odd accumulation of ammo that needs a new home. Trades sure something I can use. I need the following calibers and reloading components for 375 H&H. 6.5x55, 7.5 Swiss, .243 to a lessor extent. nothing that eats. The list will be updated as it sells and as I find stuff to add. If you say you want it then show up when you say you will. If you are one the 4 people that said I will take x ammo and then you fell off the planet please move along. More ammo will be added later. Most prices are firm. Listing has been updated 9/20/21
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