FS Help me pay hospital bills, buy my Hk MP5/SP5K NIB


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Dec 28, 2012
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Moultrie Ga
Ok ODT, as some of you may know my daughter is my whole life. Over the last month she has been very sick and in and out of diff hospitals all over the state. The issues are mental health related and before going into these facilities payment is required in advance. My wife and I have been shackin up in diff hotels and airbnb's across the state to be near her for visitation. Credit cards are bout all maxed out and michael jordan could almost dribble my checkbook up the court.

As much as it pains me to do so i've got to sell the majority of my favorite nicer guns to stay afloat. I am in deep swga but if i get a few buyers lined up around the metro atlanta area i am willing to drive the whole way, load down my truck with several guns and get a room for the night if a meeting times cant all be arranged in one day. My prices may be a tad high but i am trying to pay off $42,500 of bills that were accrued due to her illness. I will ship to buyers with superb feedback.

First on the list is a new in box, never fired HK SP5K MP5. If owning a mp5 dont settle with a ptr, zenith, century, buy a HK.
This is a european import model and does not have the paddle mag release and only comes with the 1 HK factory mag. Appears to be a 10 or 15 rounder but i have never loaded it.


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