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Giveaway! Continued…. He’s aliiivvveee!


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May 21, 2022
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clown world
Well, it’s been a long, dark and Down Road.

After going down a long road to try to get better, I have gotten progressively worse. I need a back surgery. I have not been able to mail anything off. I have more than just this giveaway to mail off. I also have other things that I have promised to other people on other forms. Everybody is all up together as I have not been able to do jack **** because I can’t even wipe my own ass. Now that I have gotten several MRIs done, the doctors wanted to operate on me today, but it didn’t work out because timing he had to catch a 3 o’clock tee off. Anyway, hopefully next week they’ll put me under the knife and I’ll be in better shape. Until then I wanted to touch base with everybody let everybody know that I appreciate them contributing getting in on the giveaways and being a part of the website and everything else that we’re doing here. Anyway , as soon as I get better everybody, I’m gonna handle it everybody is going to have some really kick ass artifacts, fossils, and other stuff I am going to throw in here and there. And so just getting one thing everybody’s base we’re gonna get a grab bag. I’m trying to make it really sweet I want to make sure that everybody gets something really cool anyway other than that I’ve got some trade deals that I am trying to work on. Obviously I can’t make anything happen right this very second because I can’t even microwave a frozen Sam’s brand Taco Bell quesadilla. But soon I’ll be OK and I’ll be able to handle all of my backlog crap. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for hanging on and I hope you get excited for some very cool stuff ahead for everyone that is involved!

Love y’all!


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