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Item Gone: FS/FT MASSIVE Airsoft bundle (rifles, pistols, and more)

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Mar 5, 2017
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Item Name: Item Gone: FS/FT MASSIVE Airsoft bundle (rifles, pistols, and more)

Location: Athena/Gainesville

Zip Code: 30606

Item is for: Sale or Trade
Sale Price: 1000
Trade Value or Items Looking For: See listing

Willing to Ship: No

Bill of Sale Required?: No

Item Description: ** Not looking to separate **

Alright… looking to free up space and this stuff has a low interest/use to taking up space ratio. Got into airsoft several years ago with my now-older boys, and went out and stocked up on lots of items, traveled around to various indoor airsoft fields/locations (never got into outdoor play), and then as they aged, interest and focus shifted. Younger boys will occasionally take one or two out just for skill work and target practice, but overall, this stuff just sits.

As you can see from the pics, there is a lot here… and I don’t even have pics of it all. Some stuff is tucked into closets and I will include everything that I can find.

Here is what’s pictured plus what I can remember having:

- Tokyo Marui M4 (metal upper) AEG with spare/upgraded internals
- Valken M4 AEG w/ Chicom light and RDS
- Echo-1 SCAR AEG w/ Chicom light and RDS
- Combat Master M4 AEG w/ Chicom light and RDS
- ICS CXP M4 AEG w/ Chicom light and RDS and old-school PEQ battery compartment
- 2 x spring SCAR rifles w/ dedicated mags
- 2 x Elite Force 1911 Tac CO2 pistols with 4 x mags
- 3 x spring 1911 pistols with multiple mags (pretty sure I have more that are NIP)
- Swiss Arms Black eagle bolt action/spring rifle with multiple mags and an older Bushnell scope on top
- Multiple NIMH and Lipo batteries with chargers, including two multifunctional chargers w/hookups
- Multiple AEG mags including a battery powered “dual” mag that I never quite figured out
- Leftover CO2 cartridges
- Multiple containers of 6mm airsoft ammo
- Multiple protective eyewear
- Mouth shield
- Multiple pairs of gloves
- Multiple full face masks
- Two airsoft “plate” carrier vests with foam padding and random attachments/holsters
- Two airsoft knives with sheaths
- Multiple bungee barrel/muzzle covers
- Couple of rattle-canned helmets

That’s the bulk of it. I’m sure I’m missing stuff, but anything I come across will be included. I’ll add more pics as I find stuff.

There is over $2000 invested in all of this (heck, the actual rifles/pistols themselves were $1500+ minus the lights and sights). Quick check and all the lights shine bright. RDS all turn on and I believe have red and green dot options. When we were playing, I had a friend who worked as a tech at one of the big indoor fields and he kept this stuff tuned for my boys.

I’d like to try and recoup half, but will listen to all offers. As far as trades go, maybe a nice 12ga semi-auto tactical shotgun package or a .308 scout rifle package. Let me know what you have.

Thanks for looking, and I hope someone out there can put this stuff to good use and have some fun.

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