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Item Relisted! FS $500 AR-15, BA Hanson 1 MOA guarantee barrel, MPI/HPT BCG, free float...


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Jun 23, 2020
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Selling the last of the performance on a budget uppers I had built, this one with a spare Anderson lower I had. Goal was to build a $500 rifle with some notable improvements over other entry builds to have a solid, accurate, reliable build at a good price.

Specs are:
* Anderson upper receiver
* Ballistic Advantage 16” SS Hanson barrel thermally fit to upper receiver for improved accuracy (BA already guarantees 1 MOA for 3-shot mag fed groups or 5-shot hand fed groups)
* Pinned BA gas block and mid length gas tube. BA Hanson series uses like 0.078” gas ports, reliable without being overgassed for smooth shooting.
* Breek Arms 15” free float m-lok handguard. Longer than standard barrel nut and wedge style lock up for rigidity.
* pic rail section added at 6 o clock near muzzle end for bipod mounting.
* AO Precision MPI/HPT bolt carrier group. Manufacturer for FN.
* Anderson lower receiver
* Magpul K2 grip
* Everything else is mil-spec (buffer system, stock, lower parts, A2 flash hider, etc)

Rifle is complete and new, never fired. I’d gamble this will outshoot any budget Anderson, S&W, Ruger, or other entry ARs and will do for $100-350 less.

Price is $500 if picked up at Plants + Coffee in East Atlanta

If you have less than 10 positive feedback or have 5% or more negative feedback you’ll need to show a CCW for purchase. Otherwise you’ll just need to show an ID to verify you’re of age (unless you’re obviously of age).


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