Item Relisted! FS Custom AR10 Chambered in 6.5 CM, topped with NV price is OBO


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May 24, 2014
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Dallas GA
Hello all, I am finishing up my next build in the coming week and wanted to sell this one outright, took longer than expected to get parts in for this one and I sat on it too long. I also have assorted ammo that can be sold with it for 28$ per 20, assorted types and weights all good quality brass ammo.
Build List-
Lone Star Armory Billet FDE lower 299
Lone Star Armory Billet Upper 299
Lone Star Armory MLOK Handguard 200
Ballistic Advantage fluted SS barrel 300 (can get length tomorrow it’s either a 20 or 22)
Aero low pro gas block
Wilson combat gas tube
Aero lower parts kit
Sons of Liberty Gun Works fighting trigger 65
PSA AR10 nitrided bcg 150
Magpul FDE PRS Gen 3 220
BNIB sightmark Wraith nv scope 500

Rifle does not currently have a muzzle device on it, if a buyer commits to purchase I have no issue installing their choice of muzzle device at no additional cost if they already have it or just the cost of it getting delivered to me.

At this point I am asking nothing above what the parts cost me, I am actually losing at least 40$ because I’m not counting the gas block and gas tube in my calculations I am also not counting shipping plus taxes on each individual item.

Asking 2020$ For the rifle, please no trades need to sell.

As always price is obo need it gone

Whoever purchased can choose a color of cerakote otherwise it’ll be true timber strata


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