Item Relisted! FS/FT Ruth Langmores Gold Truck from Ozark.


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Sep 3, 2012
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Rockmart, GA
2003 Ford Explorer Sport SE - This vehicle was Ruth Langmore’s Truck in Ozark seasons 2-4

I purchased Julia Garner’s (Ruth Langmore) vehicle and Charlie Tahan’s (Wyatt Langmore) Jeep from the guy who got it at VIP Fan Auction from the Studio. It comes with the Certificate of Authenticity from the Studio.

This vehicle is in good working order, AC/Heat, Power Windows, Power Locks, etc. I fixed several things that didn’t work and as well as getting it to pass emissions.

Vehicle has some dents and scrapes (As seen on the show). There is also a small part of the headliner coming down (You can see it when Marty Byrde is driving it-late in season 4).

There is an Airbag light on (Needs a clockspring which is on backorder) and the tach works intermittently. Speedometer is correct and true.

Clear Title

239k miles

Other than parts, I have changed two things on the vehicle.

I replaced the AM/FM CD Player that was in the car when Ruth jacks in a NosX cd. It didn’t work.
I added a class 3 Trailer Hitch under the bumper.

I can supply more pictures upon request.

Own a main piece of a great TV show.


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