Item Relisted! FS Mossberg 44US (c) with 8M4 (c) Scope & box, 2 mags, Lyman 57EW (extra wide) Peep sights


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Jul 1, 2010
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Macon, Georgia
I'm thinning the herd, clearing out the safe, testing the waters, seeing what's out there, got the trade itch, blah blah blah.

Seriously though, reducing some of the scores of 22 rifles I have and thought I'd offer up a real gem. This is a bolt action trainer, Mossberg 44US (c) model 7 shot rifle in outstanding to new condition. You won't be chasing any parts to "complete" this one. It has an original factory 84M (c) scope (with box and instruction sheet), original factory quick detach sling loops (always missing and a pain to replace), Lyman extra wide model 57 peep sight adjustable for windage and elevation and two Mossberg 7 shot magazines. this rifle even has the "dust cover" still attached to the bolt. I doubt you'd be able to find one more complete than this. It's a super fine example of Mossberg's lead rifled 22 target/trainers. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Meet near Macon for the price listed please.

Click on this link for -> All large photos

I was asked on another board to post some close up photos of any markings on the rifle or components. Click the red text to see-> Close ups


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