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Item Relisted! FS Truck Gun/Bug Out/Get Home Package


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Jun 11, 2016
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Franklin County
Gen 3 Glock 17 with an Israeli TAZ combat sight (single fiber optic rear dot but the old night sights are included separately), and a Glock Tac light. Ruger PC 9mm with threaded barrel in a Magpul backpacker stock with QD loop and Sig Romeo red dot, 15 high cap mags (9 Glock factory 17 rounders, 5 Glock factory 33 rounders and one Magpul 12 round that fits in the mag well while folded) Ruger box and docs, Glock box and docs, a Fobus Glock holster and 300 rounds of factory boxed fmj ammo included…And of course the configurable soft case with Velcro holders. This is a great compact, concealable and stealthy set up for under the seat for bug out or get home situations. (Although I kept it in a clean, dark, dry safe) All the mags you’ll need, factory ammo to fill them, red dot sighted in and a water tight compartment in the grip to hide a sight tool, spare 2032 battery and/or matches. They’re ready to go!

Please ask questions via PM. By contacting me you affirm you are legal to purchase firearms in the state of Georgia. I reserve the right to deal with members based on feedback and date of membership. I’m willing to drive to meet up to 40 miles from my home. Please consider this fact before dealing.
It would definitely make a good SBR candidate. I've had one and they're great rifles but they ARE heavy. And a lot of the weight is the barrel.
We’ll have to disagree on what defines a heavy rifle. It’s less than 6-1/2 pounds with the sight attached and falls right at 7 pounds when loaded with a full 17 round magazine. Barrel half is only 2lbs 1.7oz and receiver half is 4lbs 6.1oz…that’s only 6 pounds 7.8 oz. It’s the second lightest rifle I own, even my light AR15 and 10/22’s are half a pound heavier.


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