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Item Relisted! FT Gun Safe clean out

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Jan 5, 2022
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I know not all of these are gun related and I just typed an amazing Ad on Facebook just to get it taken down instantly so here I am.

Cleaning out the house and getting rid of stuff that’s collecting dust. Will only ship more expensive items, everything else you come to me.

GONE Great condition Astro A40s - 70 obo

Beats Solo 3 (work great but super glued the foam on one side that was coming off) - $30

Like new reddot sight with shake awake - $40

Cyberpunk Xbox controller with scuf grips on the back (used twice comes with original box) - $40

GONE Elite series 1 controller missing one grey grip in the back, has elite series one green scuf grips in the back. No stick drift works perfectly comes without paddles but with a few sticks - $30

Sony flash for a7 cameras - $30

GONE Google homes - Free to a good home

GONE Broken iPods (please don’t ask what’s wrong with them) - Free to a good home

GONE Call of duty infinite warfare and destiny 2 - Free to a good home, both work fine to my knowledge.

GONE Super Mario switch game - $20

GONE Switch controller dock thing - Free

Airsoft ECHO1 M4 (battery in PEQ needs to be replaced) have charger and drum mag that may or may not work. Gun worked before battery died out and never replaced it. Comes with flaming pig forwarder and 2000 bbs and charger and mag - $70 OBO

Propane Green Gas adaptor - Free to a good home used once.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer, works like new and glass is clean but she’s definitely used. She’s seen some things. - $400

GONE Hamilton USA watch, works fine and is in great shape - $100

1936 diamond Longines Art Deco watch - seen online for up to $1500 so offer up and let’s work something out.

Aero Atlas 10 inch handguard with all the pieces - $100

Killer innovations velocity compensator for Gen 3 glocks, slight use - $75

Hand Braces - Sba3 - SPM

Sharkfin with strike industries tube - OBO

Magpul AFG - SPM

Also have a perfect condition Acer Predator Helios 300 with RTX 2060 and 10th gen i7 I may be willing to part with. Also have a Ben Q 1440p 27” 144hz, Alienware 25” 240 hz 1 ms and 2 HP 24” monitors I was using for a setup.

Anything I forgot to post just ask about and please don’t waste my time. If it’s free you come to me no exceptions. See less


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